Heroic Magic Duel was created and published by “Nordeus” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

An Intense strategy-driven PvP battle game. Prepare yourself to meet your destiny in the battlefield, as you will be given the chance to recruit your own army members and upgrade them to match your strategic skills.

Using the Heroic Magic Duel cheats will grant you an instant access to the rarest cards in the game, and will save you from wasting your money in the app store!

Welcome To The Field Of Battle, Hero!

We will skip all the unnecessary introductions in our Heroic Magic Duel review, and head directly towards the gameplay details.

Your main goal is to destroy the enemy portal. Gathering arms, using Heroic Magic Duel Hack, reading reviews and tips will lead you to the shortest path of destroying the enemy portal!

We will give you a quick tour around the battlefield construction and the UI details. There will be three lanes leading to your opponent’s portal.

The three lanes are opened and will also lead to your own portal so you must start thinking of better ideas to defend your portal!

The cards of your deck will be located at the bottom of the screen. Each card will consume a certain number of mana points. Drag and drop the card on the lane that has a high threat or has a higher opportunity to attack the enemy.

  • Your deck can be enhanced using Heroic Magic Duel Hack, but we will cover this part with more details later on here.

Remember to select the summoning destination. You will be given a wide range to summon your units, so if you are at the defending state, it would be smart to summon your units right at the back and if you are in the attacking phase, then you need to get the advantage or get as close as possible to your enemy.

Unlock Your Chests Instantly!

Wining battles will reward you with coins and chests. The Heroic Magic Duel Hack will always work as a backup to your plans and fill your balance with coins and gems freely.

Gems will have several usages and for instance, you can use it to open chests instantly without having to wait for the unlocking period. The unlocking periods will keep on increasing as the quality and contents inside the chest gets better, so it would be a wise move to use Heroic Magic Duel Hack for the gems, which will unlock it right away!

The chests will usually contain new units, gold, arcana runes and even new spells. You must be surprised that such a game contains spell cards. These cards will come in handy at the critical parts of the battle.

  • Note: you must complete the five fights in the tutorial in order to unlock the multiplayer mode.

Before the battle begins, you will be given a brief look over the units will be fighting in the upcoming fight. They can be customized according to your needs and can be upgraded to deal much higher damage.



Upgrade Your Units With Heroic Magic Duel Cheats!

One of the main tactics to be used at the battlefield, it would be focusing your attacks in a certain lane and dominate it completely, then open another lane and send your fast and ranged troops to deal a high damage.

The Heroic Magic Duel Hack will help when it comes to upgrading your units. And upgrading them will result in the following changes.

  • Increase the attack damage so your swordsman can beat the enemy’s swordsman
  • Increase health points so you can last longer and take damage for longer periods
  • Movement speed increment, so you can reach advance before the enemy summon new defending units
  • Use the received runes from Heroic Magic Duel Hack to accomplish the upgrades

Learning the difference between the swordsman, Archers, and Warriors, will grant you a great advantage over your enemy.

Some units are stronger against certain units, and others will be weaker when they face certain units in the battlefield.

  • Do not forget to create or join a guild with your friends, it will offer you the opportunity to fight together or against each other for a higher level of competition.

The variety of unit types can be achieved with Heroic Magic Duel cheats. We will speak with more details later on the next segment, and that is something we must help you to keep in mind for a great success!

Gameplay Walkthrough

Whenever the battlefield starts to take a different path and your portal is about to be at a great risk, then it would be a smart idea to cast your special spells carefully. It will cover a wide range of the field and can deal massive damage to support your units on the field.

You may pick a name for your character to be shown for the other players in the game, but you can also consider using the Facebook as a login option to save all your progress data into it and link the friends from your social media account into the game.

Linking the social media account with the game will result in the following:

  • Easily restore your progression data
  • Inviting your friends to the game with a single tap
  • Share your achievements and brag about it
  • Ease of Heroic Magic Duel cheats use

You must be wondering why it is so important to get golds, gems and runes in the game. We have to remind you again that the gold is used for unlocking new heroes. Upgrading and buying minions, spells and heroes as well.

You can get gold from chests and battles, and you can buy it from the shop, but we are recommending the Heroic Magic Duel cheats as it is a free alternative.

How To Get Rare Units?

Some units will have a rarity level to describe their importance in the game. Epic is one of the very rare cards and them rare cards can be obtained from the high level chests.

  • Remember to have a solid and stable internet connection to be able to enjoy the game without any issues. One second of delay could mean a complete chaos and destruction to your portal.

Your opponent will never know, that you are using Heroic Magic Duel cheats. So keep on winning and moving higher up in the rank, until you put your name up in the top of the ranking table among the elite players!

Last but not least, we will talk about the settings menu and how to find the optimal settings for the perfect gaming experience.

There are not many things to customize in the game, but you can change the language from English to

  • Deutsch
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French

Also, changing the game music, sounds can be switched from on to off with a single tap. And of course, linking another device or account with the game to share the gaming profile is an available option and can be done with only a single tap.

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