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A very interesting simulation game, that will be taking us into a fantasy world. Actually, you will have the opportunity to create your own house, which means all your dreams will come true with a single tap on the download button.

We are speaking here about a very detailed gameplay, each spot at your house will have the option to be customized, which is leaving us at a frustration to the huge cost you are going to need to cover these fantasies. So using the Home Street cheats as a source for coins and special offers. Learn more about the game play down below.

Home Street was created and released by “Supersolid” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS platform, read the following part to learn more about the minimum requirements to run the game flawlessly.

The content rating on the store is 3+, which means anyone can play it and even the kids. But we are not totally recommending this to be played by your kids as the gameplay a little bit complicated.

You must have a device that is running 4.1 Android version and when it comes to IOS, the minimum version is 7. so we are speaking here about a midrange device.

Agree to The Required Permissions.

At the starting phase of the game for the first time, remember to give the necessary permissions of the game to get it started. Do not worry there is no way to be worried as these permissions are very regular and will not breach your privacy by any way. Learn more about the game in Home Street guide.

We will be skipping out all the useless introductions and head directly into the game opening scene. Get ready to create your character by giving it the right name and choose the sex of course. There are two genders to choose from, customize it later with much advanced help from Home Street hack service.

There is also an option to hit the random button and it will be recreating a new character with everything pre customized. We do not recommend you to use the random feature as it will miss you out many interesting features of the game.

If you are feeling lost at the character creation menu, then following our Home Street tips at this situation could become the savior. So consider taking a look over it before creating the character.



Create Your First Character with A Depth in The Details.

Here are some instructions, you need to keep in your mind, when you are creating the character for the first time. The game is giving you the complete freedom to customize every single detail of the character.

We are speaking here about the ability to change hair color and how it looks, even the skin color. There are several skin colors degrees to choose from. And do not worry, as you may change the character appearance later on from the game. so this is not the end of the world by any means.

Your new house is waiting for you now, and I guess you cannot wait to get started and move in there. As you arrive at your house door, Mia will be there waiting for you. She is your neighbor and has spoken with you before on the phone as it seems.

She will help you with unpacking your stuff, but the fact is. all you have to do to unpack your stuff is to tap over it. And the items will appear magically in the new apartment. Improve the living quality of your character with the Home Street cheats, it could be frustrating at the start on how it will work. But we will let you know.

Meet Mia Your New Neighbor!

Mia has not left you yet, even after unpacking the stuff into the house. She has noticed somehow the painting board and she is very excited. Maybe that is a good thing as you have received your first job ever.

She asked you to paint something for her. But you have to understand the following sequence of having your job. To complete a job, you need to start with thoughts. And these thoughts will be transformed later on into something that could be touched. At the end of course you must collect the bill.

The collecting part may not become your biggest concern any more, as the Home Street cheats has become available for everyone to use. So we are speaking here about tons of free coins waiting for you ahead.

Your character has four different skills. The Creativity, knowledge and Fun. They could be used and actually they will be regenerated automatically once you consume them. For the painting process, you going to need the creativity thoughts.

You may check how long will the portrait is going to consume, of course getting it done instantly could only be done with Home Street cheats.



Check Your Job Inbox Frequently for Latest Missions.

You can find the job inbox located on the bottom right corner of the screen, it is coming in a form of a mobile icon. Right there, you will be collecting the rewards for the completed missions and also accept new missions as well.

If you feel like you cannot do a certain job, then pressing on the recycle bin icon will result in deleting the job entirely from the gameplay and leaving you open up for a new one. Some of these features will become available only with Home Street hack. So consider having it with you in this journey.

Collect experience points as well for completing jobs, which means you are advancing in level and unlocking new features of the game. New features usually mean that you will be reaching new horizons and enjoying every part of the game so far.

And do not forget about the main goal in the game, which is building your dream home and purchasing everything that you have failed to get in the real life. Use Home Street hack to purchase them and overcome of any obstacle.

Unlock New Features as You Advance in Level.

The items are taking time to get assembled. Maybe that is something new to you, but we cannot change how the game works. You must have patience at these situations.

But still, you can skip the wait with a gem, these gems could be obtained by several ways. The first one is to complete missions and advance forward in the game. second one is to pay a visit to the game shop and purchase them. third solution which is the most realistic and reliable one is by activating the Home Street hack, with a single click on the link above.

Remember, you will be receiving experience points as well for purchasing new items, so there are several ways to advance forward in the game and get closer from reaching your dream house.

Keep track of your character feelings, you may want to cook food whenever he/she gets hungry, such a thing would require a lot of attention from you.

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