Homescapes was created and published by “Playrix” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

It is a matching game but linked up with a complete different storyline. You are supposed to help Austin renovate the house, this could be done through completing matching challenges and by activating Homescapes Hack as well…

You can read about key features inside at this section as it will enlighten you up before you start downloading it:

  • It is a time killing game due to its simplicity
  • Tons of customizations available
  • Designing ideas will help you in real life
  • Decorations is considered to be the best of its kind in this game
  • Meet and create new friends with one tap
  • A very innovative storyline with all of its ups and downs
  • Homescapes Hack is available to be activated from the first second

By reading the instructions up above you should be ready to decide whether you are downloading it or not, but if you are interested to learn more about the gameplay in depth, then it will be a good idea to scroll down…

Receive Tons Of Stars By Activating Homescapes Hack Right Away!!!

At the first glance of the gameplay you will notice three main buttons, which will indicate everything related to the game from now on…

  • Play
    • It will take you through the storyline phases and welcome you inside Austin’s House
  • Facebook
    • It will connect up all your progression to the Facebook cloud saving server. It has several benefits we will enlist them down now…
      • You can retrieve all your saved progression at any time
      • Share your achievements and brag about it
      • Connect with your Facebook players
      • retrieve data on any device by simply using same account to login
    • Settings Button
      • It’s where the magic lays, it will be covered with more details down below.

You have to walk through the various game challenges in order to learn more about storyline. It is a simple game and it is describing itself in few words.

All you need is 10 minutes of playtime and you will be able to cover up most of the game features inside. However, there will be frequent updates to the gameplay contents and changes, and you can learn more about upcoming updates in notifications center.



Get Started

Sometimes when we dream, we travel back in time and imagine how happy the life was…if we only could retrieve back the time and bring back all the lost memories and forgotten places then it will change up all our feelings and will take us up to the top.

Watching Austin entering his house and getting surprised with how everything is looking the exact same from 10 years ago but it has been broken down…

The first thing you will notice is the old carpet that has been there for many years and should have been thrown away a long time ago!

Second surprise is your parents, they are not home and you are left alone with all of this mess and maybe it is the right moment for you to start cleaning out things and replace the ruined furniture.

Here are the main points you should learn ahead of your matching points:

  • Match three pieces of the same time by swiping adjacent ones
  • Your task is shown on left side note
  • Try to always be efficient with your moves
  • Get extra help from Homescapes Hack
  • It is recommended to aim on higher goals
  • Keep collecting the required pieces to beat the level up

By reaching this point you should be aware of the main gameplay points and ready to proceed towards more advanced instructions to climb up in the leaderboard ladder.

How To Play?

Completing the given missions will leave you with a decent set of rewards that should be more than enough to push you forward towards your next goal, but it is not enough to help you with achieving the greatest rewards…

Activating Homescapes Cheats should guarantee you a continuous number of points and stars to complete missions and purchase the required furniture for the old house.

Replacing the furniture in the house will be down through your tablet. This tablet is shown on the bottom left corner and it has many functionalities.

  • Checking the required missions
  • Claim your rewards for completing the missions
  • Checking up on the store and see the latest available items
  • Keep up with the news feed to keep yourself updated with the latest in-game changes
  • Send or receive messages through your inbox section
  • Complete Missions and achievements
  • Receive your Stars from Homescapes Cheats through it

Customizing your house will require a little bit of fashion taste from you. So you need to find the right mixture of colors in order to make this house the best ever!

You can always customize your furniture and change its position later on…



The Main Benefits Of Homescapes Cheats

The name you are entering will represent your character when it comes to leaderboard rankings and friends list. Try to make it simple and easy to be recognized among other competitors.

After a quick chat with your parents as they will reach home as soon as you replace the old carpet, they will introduce you to your old room that is filled with dust and chaos.

  • It is a new mission coming up to you as you are supposed to clean it out and make it look new again.

Mission’s means you are going into a matching challenge and you have to be prepared for any situation and have a brainstorming feature to be able to complete it with the full three stars rating.

You can always ensure a successful journey in these tasks with Homescapes Hack activation. As it will provide you with the necessary features as the following:

  • Extra free moves
  • No time limit
  • Boosters at the beginning of each mission
  • Hints to put you on the right track.
  • Homescapes Hack can do the same features and it is up to you to choose between the both options

On the next segment we will introduce you to the right gaming optimizations for an optimal gaming experience.

Shape Your Own Experience

You should start being more social and interactive by joining the game communities. They have four big communities:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube channel

All of these options will grantee you an access to tons of other players and help you make new friends and join online competitions.

You can also keep the nonfictions system turned on to keep you updated with the latest changes occurring during your offline time, but we are recommending you to turn it off if you were not that addicted to the game as it could be annoying sometimes…

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