Welcome to Homescapes Hack! Dive deeper into the journey of giving Austin a hand in order to bring back the old memories and peace to his family’s mansion. He has abandoned this place for years as he had to move for a better work opportunity, leaving his old parents behind there but as the time has passed. Austin decides to take a break from the work and spend some quality time with his family.

Going back to the mansion and finding out it is about to fall down and everything is messed up. so Austin decides to clean it out entirely and start making it to look brand new once more, this is going to become your main mission in the game, the gameplay depth and the advanced tricks will be mentioned later on here. stick with Homescapes cheats for now as the starting trick to get you going with the right amount of coins.

Homescapes was created and released by “Playrix Games” company and it is totally available to be downloaded for free on almost any Android or IOS platform. The game is supporting a wide range of devices due to its average graphics level and bringing more depth into the gameplay storyline. Reading more about it below would help you to get hooked faster into the game.

Create Your Dream Home!

Begin the journey in your room with bald head as you will be looking into an old memorial photograph of you and your parents, your biggest dream is to bring back those old good memories into life and make the life much more enjoyable than it is now.

Booking the first airplane to travel back to them and start seeing the world from another prospective. But the fact is that your house is at a disaster form and everything is misplaced. This is going to be more like a disaster to you, so try to not be shocked. We will give you the right instructions to get it done following our Homescapes guide.

Everything is looking the same since the last time you have left it, this may be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It is bringing the exact memories back but the main problem is, these items are no longer useable and must be replaced as soon as possible. So consider your first mission is to change the old carpet with a newer one that would give the look and style to the house. And when we speak about the expenses part we must mention Homescapes cheats and how effective is it when it comes to coins’ production.



Choose Between Two Login Options.

At the opening scene there will be two choices available, either to start playing the game directly without having to go through and process or routine and the other option is to get the Facebook connected to the game.

If we decide to look into the difference between the two available options at the start, we will get to find that the Facebook connection feature is going to offer us a safe spot to keep the progression data at. Also the ability to retrieve it back at any moment through any device as well.

The main cons of having the progress data files saved directly in your device is that they will be always at the loss risk. If you have managed to change the device or even deleted the game by mistake due to lack of memory or any other reason. All what you have done will be vanished instantly and that is such a frustrating thing to happen. So it is recommended to follow our Homescapes tips carefully for better gaming quality as a whole.

Live A Day by Day in a Thrilling Experience.


The gameplay is following a new sequence which is the days. So every new day will come with its missions, this system could be good and bad. As it will become more effective in making you to live the thrill and the exact experience, but could be a drawback when it comes to progressing faster and completing missions in no sequence. But with Homescapes cheats, we are pretty sure that such a problem shall not exist anymore.

On the previous parts of the review, we never really dived into the gameplay with more depth and that is something we shall not ignore. But first get yourself equipped with Homescapes Hack in order to be prepared for the worse.

This is mainly a matching game. which means you have to start matching the required items together in order to collect them up. The same rules are working in this case; we are speaking about matching three or more items together to get them completed. No less but still if you managed to match 4 items or more, there will be a booster created for you. These boosters will do some crazy things only the Homescapes hack would be able to do. Learn more about the gameplay in the upcoming segment.



Create Power Ups Following Special Techniques.

Forming out these power ups by matching 4 items or together is such pleasure, you can activate them out by double tapping them. The lowest level of these power-ups will manage to destroy out an entire row or a column. Which means that you are still completing the given mission in a very short period without having to use Homescapes hack.

The missions will give you a certain goal, that you can keep track of it on the left side of the screen. But that is not the only thing as there will be a maximum amount of moves available for you. Keeping it low as possible will only increase your winning points.

Keeping things low and simple as much as possible should be your biggest concern in this game, and the Homescapes Cheats is the best solution for the simplicity and progressing on a steady system. Consider it as a future plan for decorating the house and making it look great again.

Random Instructions.

You can always change you’re in game name through the settings side. So do not panic if you have picked up a bad name. and that is not the only thing that you can change from the settings menu. The game is coming packed up with several features and we shall speak about them all for the beginners here.

Find the to do list icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. Access it to know exactly the given missions and start playing with a focused brain and a clear target to achieve within the given time frame. Also the Homescapes hack shall help you with completing the given missions with ease and shorten out the time.

Claim out your rewards for completing the missions from the same mission’s sections. These rewards will only help you with progressing forward and getting better in the game.

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