Become Austin the butler and help him with cleaning out his old house that holds all his good old memories, but actually the challenge is not as easy as you are expecting. Since you will be starting right from the bottom since your parents are even considering to sell out the house since it is way too big and requires a lot of work that they cannot afford to do. Do whatever you can to make them happy and keep the house in a good shape, you can also get all the necessary help from our Homescapes Hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.

Homescapes was created and published by one of the highest rated gaming companies in the world ‘Playrix Games” and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS device.

Storyline in Few Lines.

There are moments in life, when you realize that you are absolutely happy and that makes your sweetest dreams last forever, that is such a great feeling. But dreaming is not everything, as the moment when you start to wish for them to come into reality is a whole new thing, that is why Austin the butler is going to take a break away from everything but this one shall become full of memories and amazing moments and beautiful stories.

This journey destination was set to his childhood home, as it will bring him so many memories. But the place is looking awful as so many things needs to be replaced and customized once more, at the first thing is the old carpet that should have been thrown away a long time ago.

But things aren’t going as you were planning as your mom and dad are not home, maybe that is because you were in such a hurry and reached the place way too early before they got back home. But you could use the time to prepare out a surprise for your parents so when they come back home, they would be shockingly happy to see you and with the surprise as well, keep on reading the following parts of the review to become fully aware of the game principles.




Previously, we have been speaking about the main storyline and the idea that the game was based over, but right now, we shall dive deeper into the actual gameplay and how could you be playing this game and progressing from one phase to another.

First mission here is to make up a surprise for your parents, and this could be done through the matching table. Match three pieces of the same type of lambs by swapping adjacent ones. You might think that this is a very simple mission, but actually once you proceed further, things will start to become complicated.

Keep an eye over the mission tracker on the left side of the screen, it will show you exactly your target and how many pieces do you have to match them up together in order to jump right to the next mission successfully. Right below this counter you can see another form of counters or we can call it a help button, this is an interesting part. Keep collecting the required pieces to pass this level.

Boosters and Power-Ups!

After completing a mission successfully, there will be a very decent reward system waiting for you to give you a right reward that will leave you satisfied. Mostly the reward will come in form of coins, but it is going to depend mainly on your performance, so if you have managed to pull out a decent performance and completed the given mission within a very limited number of moves, then we are expecting you to get a decent rating and the maximum reward you could possibly receive at a single mission.

You can use them coins to purchase some upgrades or maybe even get them boosters. You may not understand exactly what a booster is, or how it works. But right here we will actually allow you to become fully aware of the different types so you would know exactly which one, you should be investing in it. And remember that with our Homescapes hack, cheats, tips and guide. You will be reaching stages that no one has ever managed to reach in his lifetime so far.




To Do List!

Actually, most of the main problems that we got to face in our playing time is the idea that we do not know exactly what are we supposed to do. The primary goal is not clear enough and that is how this game has managed to overcome this problem and added the tablet function.

Tap on the bottom left corner as it will allow you to access the to do list instantly, this is going to help you a lot with everything, almost everything you would ever imagine.

And according to the first mission, you are supposed to replace the carpet out, pick the carpet that you would love to see at your home, choose between the different types in different shapes. So now you should simply wait for your parents to come home as they will be thrilled for such an improvement.

A new task will be added by the moment you reach this stage. Clean out your room as it is full of dust and no one has ever tried to clean it up in ages, we can recommend you to consider the help from the Homescapes hack, cheat, tips and guide as it will provide you with the amount of coins that could get this mission done instantly without looking back for a second.

Final Conclusion.

Before each new mission, there will be a prompt window, that has your main target and also offering you the ability to purchase new boosters. We spoke previously about the boosters but we have never mentioned their types and usages. But we will be more than fine once we let you know how to afford them.

Get any booster you would like with our Homescapes hack, cheats, tips and guide for free, and this service is totally for free as no charges will be applied to your account after using. Feel free to use for an unlimited number of times.

As we are reaching the end of the review, I guess you are aware of the game mechanism and how things are happening around. A decent storyline combined with the small tasks that you have to complete in order to move from one stage into another. But most of the game events are happening inside this old house. You will get to face many changes of the events as the game is following the day system. So every new day there will be a new challenge waiting for you, get geared up to be prepared for any sort of challenge that is waiting for you up there.



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