For your information, this game has been considered as one of the greatest 3d MMORPG in 2017 by many critics. So you should be grateful to see it in the English language finally arriving to our stores.

It is coming packed up with one hell of a real time PVP system. That will get you to take the full control over the battle flow. There is also a room for you to start the game in the offline mode, that is a great addition that we get to see every single MMORPG is missing. Do not forget to put your hands over the Honor Against Darkness cheats to get a complete access to the game features and enjoy the game to its limits.

Honor Against Darkness was created and published by “Rastar Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform.

It is very weird, when you read on the additional information page that the game is requiring only android 2.3 and up, but do not relay on that because this is totally wrong. The game is pretty much needy and needs certain devices only to run on.

Quick Intro.

If we decided to skip all the unnecessary introductions, then the first thing we will be talking about in this Honor Against Darkness guide will be the character creation and a look over the available classes, while mentioning the pros and cons of course.

That is exactly what you should be expecting to see on the upcoming segment, and try to keep great attention to the small details between the lines.

Starting Instructions.

Tap anywhere at the start of the game to login. And that tis when you will get to create a new account and choose which server is going to fit your needs.

We are advising you to pick a server that has a very low ping and also is fairly new. This will give you a better gaming experience alongside a very high chance to reserve yourself a place on the top of the ranking table.



Choose from Three Different Classes.

If you decide to follow our set of Honor Against Darkness tips then we can guarantee you, you will never be regretting it. So let’s take a look so far on the available 3 classes.

  • Warrior: he is not an ordinary warrior, but actually a barbarian one. Well known for his high health points and attack. And his bloodthirsty battle style. 4th awaken: evolve from warrior to godly warrior.
  • Archer: elf archer is good at taking down the enemies from a distance. And when it comes to the 4th awaken: evolve from archer to Godly Archer.
  • Mage: he is a necromancer featured for his controlling and area damage skills. We are speaking about summoning new creatures into the battlefield. With the Honor Against Darkness cheats, this mage will become unstoppable.

The Art of Picking the Right Class.

Previously, we gave you a quick look over the three classes and it is your turn to decide, but would recommend for you the knight as the first class to being with if you were a newbie in the RPG.

If you have a slight experience, then getting into the archer or the mage would do more than fine, especially when you get the Honor Against Darkness hack into the active state.

Start Your Journey of Darkness!

Once you enter the game, there will be a small cinematic video taking you through a tour in the starting city. But with the Honor Against Darkness hack we are not planning to stay for long in this city.

The UI is similar to the most games, as you can find the attacking buttons on the bottom right corner. Of course at the start there will be many locked slots. And the movement is totally free on any part of the bottom lower left corner.

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