The innocent hopeless blobs must get out of this dark and scary cave at any cost! Your mission is to ride this kart and do whatever it has to be done in order to help the blobs escape this scary cave safely and in one piece. Enter this thrilling and fast action game and advance in it by unlocking new levels and new challenges shall appear for you, use the Hopeless 2 cheats so you would be having enough coins that will instantly melt any obstacle or issue that would appear in front of your way to free out the cute blobs.

This game was created by “UPOPA ENTERTAINMENT Ltd” and it is available to be downloaded for free on the Android store and IOS store as well, and the game can actually work on most of the devices out there since it is highly programmed and optimized to work on the most of the hardware’s active at the moment in the world.

Game Description.

At the first scenes of the game, you will be ordered to shoot out random boxes that will get you 3 blobs and one of them will die for the sake of getting you a kart to ride in, and now your journey shall begin, let’s give you a quick review over the game in depth and what you are going to see inside these caves, but at first you should know that this game would match all the players ages kids and adults can simply enter and enjoy playing this game.

Now let’s get into the game itself, you will be riding this kart with a gun in your hands, and you can see the blobs counter located at the right top corner of the screen which tells you how many blobs you have saved so far, and each time a monster will attack you, you will eventually lose one blob and if you run out to zero blobs this means you are dead and you have to start the game from all over again.

Your Goals!

Use the gun to shoot out the scary monsters that will try to eat you but be careful that you shouldn’t be attacking the blobs by mistake at any cost as you will never get to know your friends from the monsters unless you are very close it, and that is when the active brain has to be taking his part in the game, keep reading the Hopeless 2 guide.

Use The Hopeless 2 Hack So You Would Be Able to Have Higher Upgraded Gears.

After each mission you will be completing successfully you will be receiving a report about everything you have done inside it, such as the amount of coins you have collected so far in the journey, also the numbers of blobs you have successfully saved from the paws of the monsters, and the last thing is the number of the monsters you have killed so far, remember to get the Hopeless 2 hack so you would be having enough coins which would increase your powers and upgrade everything you have for better in game results.

Use Your Social Media Accounts to Save Your Progress.

Remember that you have the freedom of sharing your progression over the social media accounts of yours, and that will lead us to another story, that you can login to the game using any of your social media accounts in order to save all your progress in the cloud saving, read the article for further more Hopeless 2 tips.

Upgrade Your Weapons by Visiting the in Game Shop.

Pay a visit to the shop of the game, and you will be able to see the types of weapons that you can purchase for coins or gems, and both of them will be obtained via completing missions and killing as many monsters as possible, or you can save a lot of effort and get the Hopeless 2 cheats and enjoy the limitless amounts of coins and gems.



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