The cute blobs were lost in the dark cave and the evil monsters taken over them and captured them all!

But you are actually have managed to survive and escape your cage somehow, start fighting your way off this dark cave and save as many blobs as possible by taking them to ride into your kart, use weapons as well to fight your way off this scary place as the monsters will try to kill you and kill the blobs you have saved.

In order to become strong enough for such a mission start using the Hopeless 3 Dark Hollow Earth cheats for free, as it will be providing your character with the necessary resources and powers.

The game was created by “Upopa Games” Company and you can download it for free same as the previous versions of the game on Android or IOS devices.

Game Introduction.

In this Hopeless 3 Dark Hollow Earth guide you shall be finding useful information that could help you out with your mission to save as many blobs as possible.

Once you see yourself surrounded with monsters and they are coming at you from every way, remember that you can simply start shooting with your gun in any direction you desire and there are no restrictions to the weapon aiming mechanism at this game.

And now let’s start giving you some quick Hopeless 3 Dark Hollow Earth tips to keep you going through

The different challenges at the game, remember when you are shooting that you could be aiming at your friends in the game, so make sure that you are aiming at a monster not a blob.

Invite Your Friends to The Game and Increase The competition.

As the most of the game that are getting created lately, you can be finding the option of logging to the game via your own Facebook account which would allow you to send invitations to your friends to enter the game with you and start a small completion between you and them for the highest one to reach a top score at the game.

As anything else the completion adds heat and challenges to the game which would automatically increases the moment level of the game.

Your First Mission!

As the first mission starts by tapping on the screen and you will be finding 2 blobs with Machin guns jumping right into the cart, and the cart will start moving automatically in this dark save covered with snow and at the left bottom side of the screen you shall be seeing the counter of blobs you got on the cart and once they hit the zero number you shall be losing the game having to start all over again from the begging.

Use The Blobs to Kill Out the Enemies.

Whilst you are on your journey of escaping this dark cave and saving as many blobs as possible, you will get to encounter the monsters so in order to attack them start tapping on the screen and your blobs will attack automatically from the cart.

You need to be paying attention to some stuff such as the obstacles and the aiming direction for the blobs, another thing to consider using in the game. Is the Hopeless 3 Dark Hollow Earth cheats, as it will grant you an access to all the locked features of the game.

Start Upgrading Your Weapons Via Hopeless 3 Dark Hollow Earth Hack for Free!

Each monster you killing will be simply dropping your coins and some other rewards, so start eliminating them to increase your stock of coins at the game also you can simply pick up few power ups o your way out of the cave, for example some power ups will simply slow down the time and give you enough time to shot at the monsters before they kill your blobs from the cart.

Also you can be using the Hopeless 3 Dark Hollow Earth hack to purchase new weapons for higher damage outcome from your weapons at the game.


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