Hunter Age is a 3D MMORPG that you can play on both Android and iOS device.

The game emphasize the competition through real time PvP battle and multiplayer mode. It has also 4 different classes that give players a unique gaming experience for each class.

The game promise that you will not get bored in game as they included awesome content such as rainbow island, pet island, world boss, and daily instances. And for you to get the top of the competition, we are going to share Hunter Age – Fantasy Land cheats and guides below:

1. Auto grinding and farming cheats.

Since the game has no energy system, you can grind and farm all you want. And for you to have your edge in grinding, you should do it in full auto. As an avid MMORPG player, we know that the best thing you can do to be ahead in game is through grinding and farming. This can beat even cashers in game. But the catch here is we will do it in full auto.

The first thing we need to do is to get a script recorder or app that can record taps. Instead of playing over and over again, we will record the way we grind and then play this record that will serve as our pilot in game. For the recorder we can check Google Play and search for the keyword “tap recorder”.

You can also use Nox emulator and play Hunter Age – Fantasy Land on PC. This emulator has a built-in script recorder. Also in doing this cheat, your primary problem when you are going to play on portable is your battery. Of course we will do grinding 24/7 and playing on PC will make it possible.

Now that you have the tool needed for recording, the next step is to find a good stage to grind. Also make sure that your auto-battle is already turned on before doing the record. You should not include this on record or it will be on and off throughout the grinding. Complete the level and then start again until you reach the part you started your record. There is where you are going to end it so it will complete the cycle. Play the record in infinite repetition so it will not stop until you tell to do so.

2. Stay in game until you collect all online gift.

If you are doing the cheat above, this will not be a problem. Just be mind of collecting it. But in case that you don’t have much time in game. Just leave the game in AFK until you can collect all available rewards. As a free-to-play use this is our chance to get premium rewards in game.

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