This is a one very addictive and interesting game, you are just an inconspicuous cloud that is running in the open air and your goal is to demolish everything you face down.

Playing as a cloud gives you a very weird feeling, move around and destroy small ships even the houses you see. But you have to get big enough to get this mission done, enjoy the help from cheats for free. was created and published by “QIAN ZHOU” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Main Intro.

Breaking news: alert…so many hurricanes in the world now! Omg! Things are getting out of control and we have to react accordingly to this situation and try to save as many as possible. But before we start giving you the instructions and solution to figure the situation out.

We will be taking a quick tour into the game features mainly the settings department in this guide version. In the main menu, you are having everything right at your hand, there is no need to dive deeper into any other part.

Feel the freedom to enable or disable the game sounds, this is totally coming back to your own preference, if you prefer to listen to some type of your own music, then this option would be the right choice.

Also checking the leaderboards to know exactly where you are standing among the other players from all over the world is such a great opportunity.

Classic Tips.

Do not forget to share the game into your social media accounts to let your friends know about it and expand its community. This could also work in the way of sharing your own achievements to brag about it.

Here are the main tips about the available game modes in the game. And to learn the differences between the three available modes to play in the right mode that fits your playing style. We would recommend you to play all of them to enjoy a different type of gameplays.



Choose from Three Different Modes.

The three available modes are the following:

  • Survival Mode: In this mode you will be playing with no proper target but surviving with the given materials and doing whatever it takes to stay alive
  • Online: get matched up with players from all over the world, but you have to get an active internet connection to play in this mode and it must be active.
  • Party: Enjoy the opportunity to play with your friends or enter private rooms to play with specific players you desire. And do not forget the cheats service that will give you the edge over them.

How to Play?

There are some strategies to follow in the game to be aware of the different terms inside that will come in your service. Knowing that clouds will increase the wind speed is such a crucial factor. But the main three attributes are the red, green and blue energy ball.

Red Energy Ball: it will increase your movement speed beyond the limits.

Green Energy Ball: it increases the defense of yours so you would last for longer periods. It is ideal in the survival modes, once it is combined with hack.

Blue Energy Ball: It will allow you to have a faster energy absorption rate.

Movements of The Cloud.

Drag at any part of the screen to move around but be wary of the lands, it will drain out your energy and this is something you do not want to see it happening.

Keep moving to find clouds on random locations and absorb them to have a bigger and stronger abilities. Once you spot a player that has a smaller cloud than yours, jump right to him as this is a very interesting opportunity to take him out. And with the hack, your coins and upgrading ability will be enhanced as well.

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