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You should get yourself ready for your new temporary job. You will become a lord of your own castle but you will have some greater goals to achieve, while you are in charge.

Focus on improving and expanding your powers, know no limits with the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats and send out the scouting soldiers to search for the kidnaped princess and the king. Once you are ready to fight the Abyss lord. That is when you will become a real prince!

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom was created and published by “My.com B.V.” company and it is available now to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.

The requirements to run the game smoothly are very low. You only need android 4.1 version and up. The same is being applied on the other side on the Apple devices.

General introduction.

First of all, we shall speak about the main features of the game and how easily it has been fixed to be customized.

The storyline is going about securing he royal castle from the Abyss Lord. The king and his daughter are in custody and you have to do react quickly to save them before they get killed.

But accomplishing such a mission is considered to be a suicide for most of people, so you have to follow our Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom tips carefully and know when and how to advance forward. Down below we will be speaking mainly about the battle system and how it works.

If you do a single mistake, then you will be risking losing all of your army due do the forbidden spill from the Abyss lord. His main plans are to execute the king and marry the little princess.

And all your people will die in the darkness. So first thing to do is to repair the barracks and start raising a new army that is ready to take up the challenge and save the princess.

Skip Out the Waiting Periods.

Usually, constructions in such games will be taking time. But you can speed things up and see it happening instantly with the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats powers.

Do not abuse using it or you will be risking losing the fun part of the game. Note that once you start upgrading any building or apply any new constructions, then you will be forbidden from performing and actions through it and you will have to wait until its finished.

The barracks will allow you to recruit battle squads to use either in attacking or defending. Training new soldiers could be done by dragging and dropping the civilians into the barracks.

At this section, you will be given the ability to arm them and choose the perfect equipment for the upcoming battle. Unlock new advanced gears with Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats and become unstoppable in no time.

Always check for new equipment’s in the warehouse, do not let it get empty otherwise. You will be struggling so hard to create a strong and independent army.



Battle Mechanism Explained.

In the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom guide, we mainly focus on the small details which will shape out your future in the game. So reading the description of each item you are equipping to your soldiers is such a crucial thing.

This will help you to know the pros and cons of your army and know exactly which battles would suit you. In other words, we are speaking about getting the best out of your soldiers and decreasing the casualties after each battle by huge margin.

Moving right to the battle system. It is more like an auto battle system, all you have to do is to set the formation and get your soldiers into the battlefield to watch them doing the business for you.

Each mistake on the battlefield will not be reversible unless you retreat and comeback with stronger army. Keep an eye over the two health bars on the top side of the screen, your health points to know how strong you are, and the enemy’s health bar as well to know how close are you from achieving the victory.

By following the instructs, we are pretty sure you will be winning almost every single battle you are entering and that will not be a surprise for us at all.

Create A Well Balanced Army.

Your army should have the right combination of soldiers; you will need the ranged bowers to take out the enemies before they even reach you. And on the other hand, there must be some melee soldiers whom are professional at the physical damage and would block enemy units from reaching the bowers due to their low defense.

Following our detailed Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom guide of how to battle is going to solve these common problems for you and ensure you a long term succession plans.

First of the priority of the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom hack should be increasing at such situations. You are not going to win wars by yourself. There are a lot of obstacles mainly the waiting period of anything that is under development, and that is why the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats is necessary tool for success.

Receive decent rewards for winning the battles. These rewards will be mainly consisting of new residents added to your armory and gold coins. Both are very valuable items that would see you getting stronger.



Create Your Character and Expand Your Rule!

Enter name to be addressed with, remember it will be visible on the leaderboards of the game so choose your name wisely and make it as short as possible to be recognized easily.

Unlocking new buildings or we can call them rooms to increase your powers and get you closer from saving the princess and the king is such a necessary move.

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom hack will put you on a steady progressing track so it will only take you time to increase your levels and unlock new rooms for the progressing career.

The main room is the Cellar and it was created to store food mainly, but by level 3 there will be two new rooms to produce food and gold. Adapting with the changes and the power you are getting is the right thing.

Get The Best Out of the Smallest Rain Drop!

Know how to get the best out of your rooms and resources, use them wisely and see yourself becoming the savior of the city and maybe even have a chance to marry the little princess herself.

Before the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom hack, any speeches about saving the princess or the kingdom was just a dream. But now you are having all the right gears and equipment that would help you with achieving such a goal. There are no excuses.

Final conclusion, the game has a perfect story and a decent sequence of events. But it is really depending on the purchases you do in the game’ shop. So without the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom hack this would be unplayable or could be considered as a huge time wasting game.

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