This is a casual game, it was created and published by “Coco Play By TabTale”, the game was released on 24 Jan, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to enjoy your skating skills, also don’t forget to use the Ice Skating Ballerina cheats to close all these disturbing ads.

Today Is The Day Of Entering The First Competition In Your Life!

OMG today is the day! I can’t believe that iam going to compete in a real skating event, no time to waste let’s get dressed up for your first competition, now tap on the dressing shop, in this game you will need to train hard under your coach in order to become unbeatable on the stage, also make sure to impress the judges by your style of play to vote for you to easily win all the competitions you are going to play in, make sure to read our Ice Skating Ballerina guide to know how to get admired by the judges to win the different competitions around the world.

Meet Your Coach That Will Lead You To The Journey of Success!

At the beginning you will need to register and enter your age, after entering your age, you will be meeting your coach who will guide you and advice you and train you to win the different competitions and to become famous at skating around the world, your coach will be advising you all the way and along your journey to prove your skills.

Once she noticed your skating, she made a conversation with you to tell you that she wants to become your trainer because she saw that you already have the skills and under her coaching you will be going places, with just some advices and training sessions, and finally make sure to read our Ice Skating Ballerina tips to understand how you are going to control your character.

Customize Your Character To Look Amazing And Impress The Judges!

Now lets get dressed for your first competition ever, the judges look at more than just your moves, you have got to turn heads in the rink, by tapping on the top you are going to find a lot to be dressed, the free ones and the expensive ones and the locked ones, but in order to wear the free ones, you will need to watch a small Ad to be able to wear them, you can also choose the skating shoes and there are also the free and the locked, and if you want to wear the free ones you will also need to watch another Ad, you can also start choosing a necklace to wear, by choosing the best combination between these stylish cloth, you should be looking amazing in front of the judges to easily win and get into higher levels of competitions, and by getting the extra help from the Ice Skating Ballerina cheats you will no longer need to watch these ads to wear what you want to wear.

Make Sure To Do Your Best At Your First Show!

Ready? Our first show is about to start, don’t break a leg! At your first show you will need to tap on the different skills you have and to unlock the locked ones by watching the required ads to win the competition and to impress the judges, by just tapping on these skills your character will instantly listen to your command and apply these skills on the field, after that you can also choose to make some actions while skating by clapping to the fans, or doing some heart paintings on the ground while skating, so make sure to exert all of your efforts to win.

Obtain The Ice Skating Ballerina Hack To Unlock New Features!

And now after showing your skills to the judges, you will be getting your score and you will be placed at second, because there is another player who did nicer than you, so in order to easily defeats such players you can always use the Ice Skating Ballerina hack to unlock the different features that will help you.


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