Ever through of dominating the world and becoming on the peak of the famous Illuminati Pyramid? This is your chance now, pick up the We Are Illuminati cheats and prepare yourself for a very interesting journey waiting you ahead!

We Are Illuminati was created and published by “Tapps Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Meet Nailitper!

Hello, this is Nailitper, he is here to help you dominating the world. Isn’t that the real goal behind the entire illuminati thing. But there are some instructions and basics you need to learn about the gameplay. And we are planning to provide the detailed We Are Illuminati guide for you to go on with your main goal.

First, we need to exert control over big corporation. Let’s spread our influence and make the power of the illuminati see new borders and become unbearable at its weakest point. This is the entire ideal in the game we are trying to bring.

This can be done by tapping on the company’s available right at the main screen. It will be controlled instantly and your influence will not stop there. It will keep on expanding and getting bigger and bigger. Nothing is better for the illuminati than controlling some people!

Dominate The World!

You can control more people by upgrading your influence level over the companies. This is how the whole system is working. So do not hesitate investing into upgrading the influence level at the game to be able to reach your targets successfully.

Follow our We Are Illuminati tips list to figure out some advanced instructions as well to keep you in control. Moving forward through the main system will allow you to unlock some milestones. And this is considered to be a very big move for a beginner.

Milestones make the production go at twice the speed. Which means, more people will be taken control over in a very fast pace.

Smart Advertisement System.



When the production is already as fast as it can go, it just doubles the output. And that is the main point we have clarified already previously on the previous segment. You may also watch a video AD to gather 2x more people for four hours. Each time you it, you add more fours hours to the total time.

The game developers were sick from the pop up advertisement, so they have managed to find a very smart way and it will keep you playing. Watch advertisement and earn these extra reward. You may also remove the entire ad system by using We Are Illuminati cheats. But we will get back to this point later.

Upgrade Your Facilities.

At the upgrades section, you can buy stuff to improve your world dominating actions. Each stuff will have a description written right below it. It will help you to know exactly where your We Are Illuminati hack spending’s are going to be.

You can also convert some of the people you have influenced and make them join your cause and become a loyal me member in your team.

Convert People to Your Cause!

Converting people will result in losing all of them, but converting some into lackeys who will boost influence rate is such a very smart idea. Sometimes you have to take some steps back to keep moving forward.

The more lackeys the faster you gain people to your side. Your domination will grow up stronger and faster than ever. We prefer to follow this technique to reach up your goals successfully and maybe with some help from We Are Illuminati hack, you are going to finally reach your goal and dominate the entire world.

Final words…the game is not suitable for the young players and it is totally for adults as it contains many abusive sections and words. We have figured that the main purpose from the game is to enlighten the people up from the danger of the rising Illuminati.

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