Live the beautiful experience in one of the most anticipated MMOS in the past couple of months. Feel free to roam all over the amazing world they have managed to create and the limitation are very rare in the game, so exploring new areas will be so much fun. In addition, once the Immortal Swords hack is activated, we are expecting you to master this league out!

They have managed to make the game as close as possible to the reality we are living in, so they have added several interaction methods to get you hooked up with the game in a long term. We are speaking here about the ability to get married to another player and having a stable virtual life.

If you have ever faced any sort of a problem, then contacting the support team would be the right thing to do, or simply try to solve it with the resources you will be getting from Immortal Swords cheats.

Immortal Swords was created and published by “SuperNova Game” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Internet Connection Is needed!

Before we dive any deeper into the details of the gameplay at our Immortal Swords guide, we would love to remind you that this game requires from you to have an active internet connection in order to be able to play it.

The connection is recommended to be stable as much as possible since the real-time battles will be occurring a lot throughout the different stages of the game.

Start Your Journey…

Creating a new account at the Ujoy website will help you to keep all your social media accounts and life away from the game, but you can also choose the guest mode if you are not interested in the whole idea.

The ideal behind creating an account and linking the game up is to keep all the game files and information safe from any harm that could hurt it. This is how the game works and how we will be going through the second phase of the game.



Choose From Two Heroes.

The character you are picking will determine a lot of things in the future of the game, apart from that our Immortal Swords tips will help you with picking up the right hero, but you have to realize that reading their main pros and cons carefully will save you a lot of time.

  • Swordsman: his strength and mastery of the sword make him a fearsome opponent to any sort of enemies.
  • Swordstress: her swiftness and explosiveness make her an unstoppable sword wielder on battlefield. That is how simple and smart this class is going to be.

These were the two main available classes in the game; choose the one that makes you feel comfortable the most with.

Your First Mission!

Once you are done with picking up a class from the two available classes, then the time will come to choose a name for the account that will be representing you on the battlefield.

Today, your apaperanticship shall be finished. Take the gift and start your first journey in the game. In addition, the Immortal Swords hack could work as an alternative to any sort of gifts you are getting at the beginning.

Imagine having the complete ability to purchase whatever you want with an instant click. That is how the life will be after you use the service.

Complicated UI.

The main UI of the game is complicated and everything is looking weirder as you move on. Therefore, we have decided to make everything as clear as possible for the beginners.

On the top side, you will find your main character details and the enemy’s health points also there will be some extra features. Moving down to the bottom right corner, you can access the combat buttons.

Work on improving the qualities of the hero via Immortal Swordscheats; it is simple and will pay off at the further stages.

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