“Injustice 2”: FAQ

Decidedly superheroes are popular not only in the cinema or in the series. After the Guardians of the Galaxy and pending Spider-Man , all the DC Comics characters meet from Thursday, May 18 in a new epic and spectacular fighting game Injustice 2.

A title that includes a sacred collection of superheroes and supervillains. Nearly forty in total, including Batman, Superman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, The Flash …

Enough to satisfy many fans. But all the superheroes they are soluble in the video game in general and in this fighting game in particular?

“Nothing is impossible as long as the characters are in agreement with the spirit of the game, said Scott Quinn, associate producer at Netherrealm , the studio responsible for Injustice 2 (but also behind the famous saga of Mortal Kombat ). And in this case, we must also ensure that no one is really stronger than another in order to maintain the balance of duels. ”


“Making a video game with superhero has become the dream of every developer,” notes Scott Quinn. The old geeks and nerds are the new superstars of our time.


There is no shame to pass for a fan of superheroes and movies helped a lot to this. “We grew up with these characters going for geeks and we are the coolest people on earth today, just because we like” we confided Bill Rosemann creative director at Marvel when the game launches Disney Infinity 2.0 featuring Marvel superheroes.

video game superhero and mix well

A contagious passion and fans of video games are not wrong. While the next  Spider-Man should make a splash at the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles, Injustice 2 allows anyone to slip into the latex suit of some of the greatest superheroes (and superheroes).


A delightful experience on the theme of fighting for necessarily epic clashes during which opponents are making a pretty incredible arsenal of often spectacular superpowers.

After a first Injustice very successful, the Netherrealm Studio falls again skilfully the challenge by delivering a nervous game, beautiful, accessible (but also high-level technical) and totally exciting. Some clashes enough to understand that it’s good to be a superhero. Especially in a video game!