In 2013, Netherrealm partners with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to offer an exclusive fighting game to the superhero license, Injustice: Gods Among Us . This developed fighting game for the era PS3 / Xbox 360 is then the opportunity to play with the codes of the universe DC Comics and propose a single player campaign in an alternate universe in which  Superman decided it was better to set up a totalitarian state to establish peace in the world. A view not shared by Batman allowing both heroes and all their allies to get happily on the face.
Four years later, Netherrealm again with a new episode soberly named Injustice 2 Hack who intends to repeat the formula with a creative philosophy states: bigger, stronger, faster, sausager !


Again, and I must admit, the added value of this title is rewriting the DC universe that leaves at least a clear path to the studio to reflect on ideas and suggest a storyline ambitious enough, at least the paper. Indeed, time is not to surprises (or cakes) and fighting games, much less Mortal Kombat, have never had brilliant history to move with interesting approaches to the relationships between the characters. At the same time, the type of game necessarily limit the write flights since each dialogue will finally an excuse to end the conversation with a well cushioned padding-conk.

Injustice 2 do not cut to the tradition and the interests of the first episode was to propose a real split between Batman team and that of Superman, his script made at least curious instead of the other DC heroes in this conflict . Here, this is almost swept away by a story that will see the Earth face his greatest conflict the arrival of Brainiac. The enemy of the Man of Steel intends to raze the planet to become the sole owner of knowledge of humanity that has absorbed before any fart. Nothing very exciting in this pitch , which is more smoke and act as a pretext screen. The strings are too visible and make this DC Universe a close cousin to that of the CW . We can forgive them for they must have lost some neurons with thousands of potatoes they each cashed.

Yet we recognize in Nether Realm a showmanship in the staging of some chapters, especially as the game enjoys a more efficient engine than previously. Unfortunately, it is not exploited to its full potential, the fault of the hero completely despicable paces. In particular, poor Damian Wayne or Catwoman who seem to suffer physically from their reports. Nevertheless be noted that Green Arrow looks like two drops of water to Ewan McGregor . Probably serendipity which allowed me to focus solely on this hero. And if that story mode is no surprise, curiosity of the early chapters quickly fades to give way to boredom. Fortunately, it will only take 4 to 5 hours to finish and champing at the bit on the other game modes. Because obviously, Injustice 2 is ultimately a fighting game and all its interest lies in its combat system that But do not upset anything.

Do not worry anyway, Netherrealm has experience in the field and with iterations of Mortal Kombat , the studio has learned to offer a fairly balanced play. Moreover, we greet one effort compared to its predecessor which does not count this time in its roster completely deluded characters like Deathstroke and Nightwing (no longer present). Some heroes will always be more effective than others but the studio has worked for everyone to have the gameplay and quite varied skills. We salute once again the stage of the ultimate attacks always pleasurable although it could ultimately curse not to have one per character. Especially since it will undergo one of its main character again and again when it comes to the grinder to take him to the max level.

Indeed, a light RPG component was implemented in the game since it will be possible to level of player to go and level for each character. This whole approach was crystallized mode Multiverse , which ultimately is the equivalent of the Tower Challenges of Mortal Kombat. This will actually navigate between the planets of the multiverse, which disappear after a while, in order to perform different tasks in the form of fighting stress. In addition to spending levels more easily, this mode will build all its interest in the race for the loot .

Yes, the word is out. Injustice 2 has watched its small industry competitors and decided to implement a system of loot that will expand drastically (and artificial) the life of the title. It will be possible to fully customize their characters with armor pieces, capacity and colors found in fierce duels. Starting with a good idea on paper, which could allow to bypass the sausage design heroes, this system proves quite limited since the player will eventually depend (at first) statistics of found items. It will be possible, however, at high level, using the Transmogrification to adjust the final look of his hero. But be warned, it will have some sense of the second degree not to shiver with terror every time a Knight white or red Black arrived in the arena.

This system nevertheless raises other issues because obviously comes compared Injustice 2 other games of the genre and the fact is that it is already the picks. Particularly in the distribution of additional content characters will happen only on your cake in exchange for your money. A completely irrational decision while the game is to play the ambition of the E-Sport and that a Street Fighter V opened the way to free last year with players having dosed retrieve new heroes against the earned money in. This vision is all the more damaging it will come quickly after the community, divided between those who took out the blue card and other.

Injustice 2 plays on the passion the players have for the DC Comics universe but it is ultimately not enough. Despite a substantial content, interesting innovations, the game leaves an empty mouth taste experience with no real flavor, like the visage of his heroes in short. If the intentions are there, Netherrealm seems to have put the heart in its engine and balancing his game without actually tweak the rest, counting on the desire to loot easy for players to artificially enlarge a life that does no need. Without being a real disappointment, not a great game, Injustice 2 clearly not deserves attention immediately. Especially as you know as much as me, a complete version will point the tip of his Batarang in the coming months.