Injustice 2 – How to unlock

Skins Injustice 2 – How to unlock?

Skins Injustice 2 replaces what would normally be unlockable characters (except Brainac becomes playable after beating him during the story mode).

These skins are far more than cosmetic changes, since here they totally change the character! It is time for me to reveal how to unlock all skins 2 Injustice!

You should know that currently there are only seven Skins Injustice 2 and that only a few can be different ways. Generally, all skins can be purchased through the source crystals.

What is the source of crystals?

source crystals are a special type of currency not linked to credit and are obtained much more rarely. Source of the crystals can be used for different things. As such, the delivery of a character to the rank 20.

There are some Skins Injustice 2 that can also be unlocked by other methods, including DLC, connecting your game to the mobile version, or with the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 you can win now via our contest here .

Different Skins Injustice 2 to unlock

Golden Age Flash

The Golden Age Flash is one of the leading skins for Flash. This character is based on the original iteration of the iconic supercharged known as Jay Garrick – complemented by its classic winged helmet.

To unlock this skin, you will need 6000 Source Crystals.

The Grid

The Grid is Cyborg Skin. Appearance is based on an evil robot created by Cyborg himself, and his look gives it a sinister atmosphere.

To unblock it, you’ll just link your game Injustice 2 with the mobile game Injustice 2. That’s it!

John Stewart

John Stewart is a leading skin Green Lantern. This is the man who took the ring after Hal Jordan (and gained popularity in The Justice League Animated Series).

To unlock this skin, you will have the Ultimate Edition to unlock instantly or spend 6000 Source Crystals.

Mister Freeze

Mister Freeze is a first skin for Captain Cold. While Captain Cold has given one of the villains least known of Flash a chance to shine, Mister Freeze is based on the crazy enemy of Batman, because the two characters promote the cold.

To unlock any of these skins Injustice 2, you will also need 6000 Source Crystals.

Power Girl

Power Girl is a first skin for Supergirl. Powergirl is widely known as the Earth-Two version of Supergirl, and is a very different decision from the powered superhero, even if they share their abilities that made Power Girl superb leading skin.

To unlock this skin, you will have the Ultimate Edition to instantly unlock, purchase the DLC Fighter Pack 1 or spend 6000 Source Crystals if you are not interested in purchasing the DLC content.


The Reverse-Flash is the second skin injustice 2 for The Flash.

To unblock it, you must have either the ultimate edition of the game or purchase the skin 6000 source Crystals.


Vixen is a skin belonging to Cheetah. Member of the Justice League, Vixen uses the powers of the animal kingdom to fight crime through a magical totem. Since then she even appeared in animated series and TV shows (and his character is expressed by its TV counterpart, Megalyn Echikunwoke).

To unlock this skin, you have to buy it for 6000 Source Crystals.

Well, I hope that this small help will allow you to unlock Skins Injustice 2 you expected. For my part, I return to save humanity against the yoke of the Man of Steel! If you have other tips, please let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!