Injustice 2 – Xbox One

That’s it ! Superheroes invade once more our living mass. This time it’s through Injustice 2 Hack that they have well try to seduce you. Making direct sequel to the events of Injustice first name game , and following some continuity comics. Is that in the end the game, as well as it is, is not too focused “comic book fans”?


An afternoon with injustice 2 on Xbox One

The superheroes are clearly decided to harass us until we can not see the painting I for one do not worry, I’m a fan of the genre, so as long as the stories evolve and are interesting’m fine. In Injustice 2 history is the direct result of the events of the first game and then we can see a primary concern in the game. No summary will be given you , you only had to remember 1 or stuff you two hours of cinematics that have not aged enough unfortunately.

For those who wonder, briefly, the Joker devised a plan that forced him to kill Superman, despite himself, his wife Lois who was pregnant with their child. It was enough to tip the man of steel the dark side of the force. Thus Kal-El Joker killed him and decided that henceforth the criminals would have no right to clemency.

Other superheroes allied with Kal, while Batman decided he would do everything he can to reason with his friend. Left to imprison him if need be. It was at this time that begins Injustice 2. While Superman is in prison , powers content with a red sun generator. A new enemy appeared by the name of Brainiac. Despite their talent Batman, Flash and Green Lantern will not arrive at the end of this enemy without the help of their former colleague of the Justice League. They only left is to forget the past for the good of humanity time to a common ultimate battle.

Injustice 2 – Pimp my hero

N ul need to tell you that the story mode is just awesome. Certainly as I have told you it’s not always easy to navigate but even so it’s all good. I suspect Warner to agree with the comics to ensure that history does not disclose anything to get you to buy the Injustice comic series but hey, business is business looks like another. The radius of strange choices I have noticed that the menu was not logical. Just to change the config of the game you have to go in … “options”? WRONG! It’s so much more sense to put it in the “Bonus” menu?

Ditto for the cubes containing custom objects. You have to go in a first menu to open (one by one!) And then go back and go to another fighters customization menu. That said I liked the idea of being able to have a Superman Red Son or any other hero in the guise of a parallel universe. Moreover if you like the same principle of parallel story you will be served through the Multiverse fashion that will ask you to chain battles to preserve harmony among the different existing universe.

Dynamic combat, quickly repetitive special moves

The e style “fighting game” does not really allow to be diversified in terms of gameplay. This is necessarily a cutscene and then a fight, then another cutscene to the next. Despite this I am not bored for one second, I would have preferred that possibly say cutscenes are of nearest quality trailers but remain correct. Unless of course we take into account that the VF is out of step with the lip movements of our heroes. 


I do not judge specifically the choice of designers for costumes. I have already said and I repeat often, tastes and colors that can not be discussed. Still,  I find Firestorm has no class and I do not see the point of putting a semi-helmet Superman but either. The in-game graphics are great, maybe even too much for current consoles because I have often felt that the game turned in 30fps. Especially during the special moves full effects of all kinds. Special Moves, in passing, that are sometimes too recognizable to the point of being hard-wearing. I can already more after 5 times, see Flash hit the sphinx and the damn T-Rex.