Choose between two totally different races, each one of them has his own pros and cons we shall be talking and covering them in our small InterPlanet guide over here, led your army in a great battle of honor and glory, win and conquer new places, use your given talent at strategic games to know exactly where and when you should be placing your armies, now the time has come for you to decide exactly what is the best for your race.

Start downloading it now for free on Either of your operating system devices, IOS or Android it will work like charm on them. You can also use the InterPlanet cheats, since extra resources in your stock will not do you any harm, but it is actually a good thing. And remember as well that it is totally safe and secure to use no worries no one is going to get hurt or you will not be banned either.

Game Story with Some InterPlanet Tips.

The alien ANXO alliance has offered an escape route for the humans from their planet that is currently under heavy attack and destruction, so be aware from the circumstances you are going to face through playing this game, so you are actually offered in this game either to star playing with the Humans race or play the game as the ANXO race, both of them has pros and cons and we shall be covering them with details right here in the InterPlanet guide, keep reading it until its end to be aware for which one you actually going to invest your money and time on at this game.

But before receding to the races comparison we shall speak a little bit about the game story itself,

Survive with The Human Race in a Scary World and Adventure.

The humans are the weak race in this game they are fighting for survival and cannot be tolerated any better, the gameplay of playing as humans will be different from any other and it will require you to have skills and patience combined of course with the right talent, and remember to be using the InterPlanet hack as well, so you would be able to have enough resources to cover the expected losses and expenses during your stay at the game so far.

Remember That Getting Resources Shall Take Double Effort from You.

Remember that the resources are very rare and cannot be obtained easily from anywhere so spending the time on searching for them is going to be very hard and tough mission you are facing, and that is of course beside the danger of the incoming attacks from the ANXO alliance that is trying to destroy the world.

ANXO Clan shall become much suitable for the beginners at the game.

The ANXO clan or alliance as they desire to call their selves by, they are the evil part of the game they are working hard and trying to take out the whole entire human’s population, they are naturally strong and their mission to search for the humans and take them out step by step, but remember that the humans will be setting traps everywhere you stepping your foot into, so taking them out will not be an easy task you are expecting my friend.

As ANXO uses electrodes to construct their buildings and arrange anywhere, which makes it easier beginners but once electrode is destroyed the buildings cannot be used in the battle, and that is actually not reliable at all, because one single mistake and you will be useless, completely useless, so remember to be covering them right.

Succeeding Is the Key TO Become Stronger SO Use InterPlanet Hack for Free.

Succeeding in this game will require you to have a strong mind and smart one to be able to manage all the resources you have to construct a balanced army and city at the galaxy, remember that each thing or upgrade will come at a cost nothing is for free at this world you going to live in.



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