After huge clash between the major countries in the world, a nuclear war began and the rest is history. In the world of new Eden, you are going to fight through the apocalyptic world and try to survive with the given materials and equipment in this underground shelter, do not forget to use our iShelter – Adventure RPG hack, cheats, tips and guide to get an access to advanced features inside the game.

iShelter – Adventure RPG was created and published by “Seven pirates” company and it is available to be downloaded and played right away on almost any Android or IOS platform.

Summon New Heroes to increase Your Surviving Chances.

This is a game that is taking place in a post-apocalyptic world and your main goal is to survive no matter what happens, use the given materials and try to make new places to become habitable once more.

Let’s get the right people whom are going to fulfill their tasks, beginning with summoning new heroes as they will offer a reliable source of materials, would be a very smart move at the start.

But your need for higher materials will be increasing. Does not this legend say that the dead can be brought back to life? Having the super summon hero will simply make us immortal, so spend the super summon card and get an access to transcend materials easily.

At the beginning of the game, all this summoning’s will become available for free, but that is only for a very limited period of time. Keep an eye over the summoning’s, because each new hero will have a rating system that is showing right next to its icon. This is working by 6 stars rating mechanism, so the more stars it has the stronger and better it is going to be.



Get Out of your Shelter to Find the Necessary Surviving Resources.

As you have now the necessary heroes, the time has come to get out of this shelter and seek the help from the outside world. Jump right into Floyd`s car and hit the road as soon as possible. Choose your destination and mission from the world map, and since you are a beginner so we are expecting you to go through the desert to take a look in chapter one.

Start the challenge by the nearest supply location, and before you get there make sure that you are editing your team and customizing it out. Tap over this location to put the new teammates in the formation.

General Tips.

Each hero will have his own special skills and abilities, for example the” Zed” hero has two special skill intros, he can attack an enemy twice and can confuse the target for a chance. Also normal attack has a chance to taunt all enemies. It is simply depending on how you will be using but understand your hero’s powers and abilities is an important task for surviving purpose.

Quiet is a very skillful character, it has a special skill that will allow her to get the chance to stun all the enemies surrounding her, also she can hypnotize enemies when they receive and attack, and this is such a good skill that could do wonders at the battlefield.

Final Conclusion.

I guess by reaching this point of the review, you are fully aware of the gameplay features and would love to find a reliable source for resources. So we have decided to create the ultimate iShelter – Adventure RPG hack, cheats, tips and guide for our readers. So you would have the ability to summon any hero you would love without putting into consideration either it was rare or immortal…. does not really matter how much is it going to cost.

Our goal is to allow the players to have their hands over the strongest heroes available in the game, so the formation which they are going to use outside the shelter, would simply become undefeatable. So follow our steps and make sure you are reading this review and sharing it with your friends.\



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