The game would look so stupid and simple by looking at the cover, but as you progress through and start getting deeper into the gameplay, you will realize eventually that is one of the greatest games on the store.

You are playing with a stickman, your mission is to find the right way to escape the cell, and there will be challenges and consequences for your actions. Remove the ads entirely by using the Jailbreak Craft cheats service free.

Jailbreak Craft was created and published by “Starodymov Games” Company, and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS devices.

Very low quality of graphics and tons of ads will be appearing at every corner of the screen. However, do believe that the depth of the storyline is asking this an extra ordinary game, let us remind you to use the Jailbreak Craft hack to enrich the playing experience.

Quick Intro.

If your device connected to the internet, then you must get used to the ads on the corners and do not click on anything that you do not think it is belonging to the gameplay.

Reading our Jailbreak Craft guide before playing the game will also enhance your chances of achieving something and becoming on the top of the players all over the world.

Do not forget to share your latest progression or anything related to the game through your social media accounts. It will attract more players and let your friends know how great you are at the game so far.

Open The Magical Box And Begin Your Journey!

Open this treasure box and pick up anything you want and your stickman will automatically transform into a new character. Then tap on the door to destroy it and choose a method to get out of the place.

Choose the door or the window these are the only options to get out. If you have made the wrong decision then you can close the game entirely or restart from the start once more. We do not believe that you could ever make a mistake if you are following our Jailbreak Craft tips.



Interesting Crafts.

Everything could be used to craft something and we have been testing out all the available items at the start scene, but going forward in such a game is pretty much impossible and you will need more than the Jailbreak Craft cheats to advance forward.

We have realized eventually, that the game ads are not the main reason we are losing in this game. So remember to never to open the door with your stickman visual. That will automatically allow the officer to capture you right away with the teasing stick and slam you to the ground.

Several Mini Games Available.

The game is packing up way too many mini games, which are making things to become interesting and much more fun.

We do believe that the games that contain mini games are the top tier games as they can make the users stick to their devices for as long as possible without getting bored due to the variety of the field.

One of the game scenarios, we have picked up the dragon and it started to fly into the ice and somehow the night king has appeared out of nowhere and took down the dragon. This was a reference to the last episode of the game of thrones show, which means that the game is pretty much fun at every prospect.

Climb Higher to Score More Points in the Seed game.

The greatest mini game that we have enjoyed was the seed game. However, you must remove the ads on the top bar of the screen via Jailbreak Craft hack in order to have a correct vision and score something good in there.

This mini game will be coming with its own controls settings on the bottom right corner, try to use them carefully and stay alive for as long as possible.

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