A new puzzle game that is based on swapping items and matching the items with the same colors together, do your best in order to take out rows and columns out of the screen. You can also be using the awesome game boosters in order to complete the given missions in much less time than expected, use the Jewel Match King cheats for having the required amount of gold for free and have the ability of covering the expenses of all the boosters and other upgrades you will be purchasing.

The game was created by “Bit Mango” company which is famous for its puzzling games all over the past of the few years, also remember that you can be downloading it for free on the android or IOS device you got.

Start Chatting and Sharing Thoughts Through the Chatting Menu.

The game has the chatting option enabled, and if you do not know what this option is, then keep reading this article to its end.

The chatting option allows you to have a full communication with your friends at the game and share your progression with them or even ask about the unclear points you facing in the different stages of the game so far.


Make Sure You Are Performing Decently in The Missions for Higher Rewards.

Each mission you will be entering, you will be given a small mission to accomplish prior to start so make sure you are skilled enough to score the asked amount of points and also you can be selecting up to 3 different boosters so choose them wisely so you would become unstoppable at the game mission.

Start matching the similar colored items together so you would be destroying out rows and columns from the puzzle. And make sure you are checking on your performance at the mission at the end of each game you will be entering, the rating is based upon the 3 stars rating system, so make sure you are scouring the full 3 stars.


Understand The Game Boosters Mechanism.

The game boosters are actually the main fun part at the game, without them you shouldn’t be able to play the game due to the boring playing style and the repeated missioning system, as they will actually boost up your progression at the missions by big margin, you can use the Jewel Match King cheats so you would be able to have enough amount of coins that will enable you to purchase and upgrade the latest boosters available at the market, but since we are here at the Jewel Match King guide let’s talk in depth about the types of boosters and how to use it.

Receive Daily Awards for Using the Game.

Make sure you are entering the game daily every 24 hours’ mark because this will enable you to have the opportunity of receiving an awesome random reward for free, and the longer you play the game the better your daily reward will become by the time, also you do not have to play the game at all in order to get this award, just make sure you are opening it and receiving your gift then close the game instantly, keep reading this article for extra Jewel Match King tips.

Control The Settings of the Game and Use the Jewel Match King Hack for Extra Control.

Let’s take a tour in the settings menu so you would be able to realize what you can be using and what not to, the option of turning the notifications on or off can be changed depending on your playing style and how far you are getting into the game details so if you wish to get updated and informed about everything happening inside the game then we would recommend you to keep this option enabled.

And the other options here is the sale notifications, and of Crouse you will never be in need to such a thing since the Jewel Match King hack will be more than enough for you to cover all the expenses of everything you purchasing at this game.


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