What if we have told you that the game is packing 500 unique stages and each one will come with a brand new idea and a way to solve it out?We did not cover all of these missions here, but we have provided you with Jewels Dragon Quest cheats so you would get any amount of jewels and special goods instantly!

Jewels Dragon Quest was created and published by “Springcomes” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through any Android or IOS platform.

Very low in terms of the graphics, but when it comes to the gameplay this is one of the best matching games we have played recently on the mobile phones. Upgrade your level and use the Jewels Dragon Quest hack service to worry no more about running out of hints or maybe even running out of lives. It will work on supporting you with them and no one shall know.

Get Started!

For everyday you will be starting the game, you must prepare yourself to receive a daily bonus. It will keep on increasing as you move forward and it will give you tons of opportunities.

Match the magical blocks together to challenge 500 puzzles. There is also a sale on the coins for a very limited time; you can ignore it, as we will help you with knowing how to get an access to a stream of coins without paying a single penny.

Reading our Jewels Dragon Quest guide will help you to learn more about the depth of the gameplay and as the time passes, you will manage to become a pro.

How To Play?

Move the blocks over to the location where it will allow them to connect with 3 of the same color. It might sound stupid task and very easy but wait until you reach some advanced stage and that is when the game will turn into something unbelievable.

If you connect a few more like this, you will be able to clear the stage. The stage counts is shown on the top of the puzzle menu to show you how close you are from being done with it. If you are looking for similar Jewels Dragon Quest tips, then scroll down.



Obtain Special Blocks.

We have covered the main basics of the gameplay and we are planning to dive deeper into it and try to help the players with understanding the main difference of the playing techniques.

For example, matching more than three blocks will result in rewarding you with a very impressive power up. this power up will blow up an entire set of blocks once it gets activated. Try to aim on getting it as fast as possible.

Keep Track of Your Performance.

At the end of each mission, there will be a detailed report of your performance and of course, the rewarded coins will be available as well. Try to get them coins as much as possible and stay low for the rest of the game.

If you are keen on getting more coins with no effort to mention, then the Jewels Dragon Quest cheats will do the job and watch you achieving some great results and more over. This is how the game is being played and this is how you will be playing it.

Watch out For Your Turns!

If you are not satisfied with your performance on a certain stage, then consider restarting it and having another shot from the beginning. The Jewels Dragon Quest hack as well will boost up your second try with more advanced boosters.

Connecting four blocks will reward you with a special block. If you connect the special block, you will be able to break an entire row of blocks.

You must complete the given stage in a very limited period, it is not a time thing it is more like a number of moves and turns are available for you.

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