Journeys Interactive Series was created and published by “The Other Guys” company, and it is available to be downloaded on the android and IOS platforms.

Your life is no longer in others hands, you are given the chance to shape your own path and choose your destiny based on real life events. You will be traveling all over the worlds to experience different feelings and lives.

You should be expecting to experience a romance, mystery, drama, and adventure lives. All of these are coming packed in one single game. The creators of this game have their own strong experience in this filed and they have already created the famous “Linda Brown” game.

You should be prepared for such types of games by reading the article below and put your hands on Journeys Interactive Series cheats as a start. You can learn more on this regard by scrolling down…

Welcome to Journeys, a collection of interactive series

At first glance in the game, you will be prompted to agree to the terms of service in order to play. We can assure you that we have read it carefully and nothing is suspicious hidden in between the lines.

If you already played any journeys before, then you can skip all the unnecessary introductions and head directly to where you stopped. Otherwise, we would recommend you to read the tutorial carefully to learn more about game in depth.

You are given the freedom to choose between three main series:

  • Recipe Of Live
  • Vamprya
  • Linda Brown: Love In Rio

We will talk in depth about each story and give you a detailed report about your choices and how the consequences are going to be. However, you must have any of both options, Journeys Interactive Series cheats or Journeys Interactive Series hack.

Recipe of Love is going to become the main topic at the moment. You are experiencing your life in New York City for first time. It is an exciting experience from the beginning.

Enter a suitable name to match up with your expectations. It is not very important, but you must be familiar with the name as you will be called with it throughout the story events.

Meet Adam

First scene would be a call to your grandma explaining to her how exciting and unbelievable being in New York for first time.

You can notice that you are supposed to meet your friend Emily at her house from your grandma message. The events takes a faster path, your friend Emily will text you to arrive at the house quickly as she has an audition soon, this means that you will be left out with no keys for a while, if you do not arrive on time.

  • It is important to keep Journeys Interactive Series Hack at standby mode!

You will face a trouble to understand the map to Emily’s house that is when you will ask a complete stranger guy in a suit to help you out with the map.

He offers you a quick road to catch Emily and that is when your first choice will happen.

  • Trust him
  • Totally depend on the given instructions and earlier and risk missing Emily

It is a wise move to trust him as he is a decent man, things will go smooth as it is supposed to be. We will explain later the importance of Journeys Interactive Series cheats and Journeys Interactive Series hack, but you must make sure that you have activated them from link up above.



Time to Tighten Up the Relation

A nice chit-chat will happen between you both on your way to Emily, keep in mind that you have to proceed with the dialogues by pressing on bottom right corner.

Another decision making moment will occur.

  • Love baseball
  • Hate baseball
  • Do not forget about Journeys Interactive Series hack

If you choose first option, then he will offer taking you the stadium together someday. That is when you will realize that Adam is interested in you. He keeps on speaking about baseball and how he can get you great seats for a match.

He starts asking questions about your personal life. And that is when you will be given the option to keep it for yourself or continue the chat with him.

Next move is to ask him for his number or just get down from the car. We have chosen to get his number to use him in the future for further help as we are completely strangers in the city.

Emily will start making jokes about your friend Adam, and she gets on his way with the audition. Now, the time has come to get ready for the job interview. You can learn about this part next…

Getting Ready For the Interview

You are given three options and each one will come with its own result.

  • What you have on
  • Casual
  • Something of Emily’s

We believe it was a wise decision to pick something of Emily’s cloths as she is an actor and her cloths will suit the city. If you have enjoyed your outfit, then the cost will be 29 diamonds. You will be given 35 diamonds as a start and that would be enough for this outfit, but not for the future.

Journeys Interactive Series cheats and Journeys Interactive Series hack should be covering up all you’re spending and provide you with a real life of a New Yorker.

If you are a free player, then it would be totally recommended to wear what you have on as you will notice that the interview location is already closed by the time you reach it.

  • Note: the head chef does not like people so much, and you should keep your talk simple as possible.

Worry No More about Your Decisions with Journeys Interactive Series Cheats

Someone will introduce you to him, and it would be a surprise to realize that the head chef was your guide outside your restaurant.

He asks about your working experience and studying location. You are given two options:

  • Lie to impress him
  • Be honest

It is always a good idea to be straight to the point. Tell him that you have studied with your grandma. He offers you a work as a waitress, but you are given options as well…

  • Accept the waitress position and fight your way up
  • Insist he tastes one of your dishes to change his mind

Second option will cost you 20 diamonds. Journeys Interactive Series cheats or Journeys Interactive Series hack will cover up the cost of this decision.

He accepts the challenge and gives you half an hour to prepare a dish from the given menu. There are three main options:

  • The easiest
  • Hardest and chance to mess it up
  • Your best for 20 diamonds

Pick the easiest and you will be granted the job in his kitchen. He will introduce you to his brother as they are the managers at the hotel. The surprise would be that Adam is the manager…

This was the end of the first episode…

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