The game storyline is based on the famous Jurassic park movie story. Prepare yourself to start living a life full of dangers on an isolated island that actually has nothing good on it.

The island is filled with dinosaurs and weird creatures which are waiting to see an opportunity to kill you out right away. This was a brief look about the game and right now you got to put your hands over Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve cheats to unlock the full features of the game totally for free.

Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve was created and published by “gamefirst Mobile” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve requires an android version 4.1 and up to run. But if you ask me, then having a flagship device is totally recommended to enjoy the great visuals and run it smoothly at high settings.

Quick Intro.

Start the game right naked on the shore of the island and actually everything seems to be lost or weird to a beginner, but god will be sending you some dinosaur eggs as a gift. With them, you will be able to summon some help to survive for longer periods on this island.

Before getting deeper into the gameplay at our Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve guide, we would advise you to start looking around and explore the entire area to get used to the type of the game and know what would be your next move in such situation.

Game Controls.

In this section we will provide you with advanced Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve tips and we will also be covering the controls and how they work exactly in few lines.

Move around be dragging joystick on the bottom left side of the screen and on the opposite side you can find the attacking and interacting buttons located right to each other’s.

Keep an eye over your hunger levels and health points as well. Once the hunger level starts showing you a warning sign, then this would be the right moment to prepare a meal or maybe search for something to eat around.



The Art of Surviving!

Surviving on an isolated island will require more than the Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve cheats. Actually you will have to step up your game and start thinking of ideas out of the box.

The game is offering you the complete freedom to interact with the world around you, and you can craft anything out from the materials surrounding you. Maybe such a feature would be very comfortable and pleasing to the smart players.

Craft Anything You Desire.

The action button is going to become your most used function in the game so far. You may start collecting wood by getting close to a tree and pressing on this function button. This method is very simple and totally guaranteed as well.

Use the wood for building a small house for yourself. Reach a perfect post and enter the main menu to find many options available for you to be done at this spot. Choose the house icon and that is when you will be construing a shelter for you in this open area. Meet the minimum requirements for the house including the materials with the help from Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve hack.

Final Conclusion.

The missions will be updated frequently once you complete the given ones already. That is how the system works in the game.

Check out your inventory to see the latest items you have collected and try to organize them or throw the unnecessary items because it will slow you down. And with the Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve hack, there will be no need to collect trash items.

We can assure you, that the game is a perfect choice for the players seeking the challenge and adventure, if you are bored from the regular games on the stores, then this one would fit you right well.

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