Kawaii Kitchen was created and published by “Platonic Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Ever wanted to know what if feels to run your own burger shop? Prepare yourself, as you will be doing every single task in the shop with the assistance of a cat from your choice.

Advance up in levels to unlock new cats and ingredients to prepare more meals for the customer. This shall increase the income and server bigger crowd.

You will be in need for the gems through your daily basis in the game that is why the Kawaii Kitchen cheats should become your best companion through the journey…

Get Started

In this Kawaii Kitchen review, we will be covering the main gameplay points and the other side features of the game with more details.

You better keep reading this if you were a newbie or even an advanced player; there are segments in this article that is suitable for every type of player.

The game is based on serving meals to the customers at the right time with the right pace. All the ingredients will be given, and as you advance up in levels, there will be more ingredients unlocked.

The cat will respond in Korean for each completed meal, and there will be a decent reward waiting for you ahead. That is not everything; we will speak more about the most entertaining parts of the game.



For each completed mission, there will be a detailed report of :

  • Number of satisfied clients
  • Number of Angry Clients
  • Ingredients used
  • Ingredients missed
  • Tips you have received for the high quality and performance
  • Total gold coins

You can double your income after each mission by watching an advertisement; the increment will vary from 100% to 300% depending on the video. You still can do that without watching anything, all you need to do is to activate the Kawaii Kitchen cheats service.

This shall increase your gold coins and diamonds rapidly without any limitations. You can always compare your records with the other competitors of all time, but we will leave this part for later.

Say Good Bye To The Pop-up Ads With Kawaii Kitchen Cheats!

The biggest flaw we have encountered in the game during our playtime was the pop up ads. They will just appear randomly at any time, and that is frustrating if you ask me.

You may remove these pop up ads only if you made an in game purchase, which will mostly be consisting of gems. You may substitute that with the Kawaii Kitchen cheats that is a very interesting feature that will provide you with gems and ads removal at the same time!

If you do not wish to use the Kawaii Kitchen cheats, then you can wait for the offers they make over the gems prices. They used to cut its price down to the half…

Now, you know everything related to the gems and ads, but you do not know exactly how to use these gems and their main benefits.

Here is a quick list with the things you can do with gems:

  • Increase the time
  • Obtain extra coins from customers
  • Unlock new cats to server the food
  • Purchase new customs

Those were the most important things the Kawaii Kitchen cheats would help you to achieve.



Customize Your Game Freely

The settings menu in this game is very simple but still efficient.

Feel free to turn on or off the sound FX and Music depending on your own preference. In addition, if you were a hardcore player, then you might want to keep the notification system enabled. It will send you a notification about the changes being applied into the game, even if you were not playing.

  • If, you cannot speak English properly. No problem, the game is supporting over 10 global languages, so we are sure that you will find a language you can understand there.

If you were facing a purchase problem, or even if you were a Kawaii Kitchen Hack user and faced an issue in the game, you may contact the support team via the Gmail and they are active in this regard and will respond fast.

Finally yet importantly, the google play games integration. It will allow you to keep yourself in a comparison with other players and save your data in the cloud servers.

We are sure that the Kawaii Kitchen Hack will secure you a position among the top tanking players in a very short period…thanks to the gems!

Add New Chefs To Your Restaurant…

The new chefs will only get unlocked as you complete orders and earn friendship points. This is the only way to obtain new chefs with new meals to offer for a bigger crowd of customers.

The Kawaii Kitchen Hack will not unlock them for you, and that is one rare thing the Kawaii Kitchen cheats will not do. As it will provide you with unlimited number of gems and that is only enough to help you with all the game departments.

  • If you ever have achieved something phenomenal, then the share button will let the whole world knows about it.

To advance up in levels, you need to know exactly the given missions, and remember that all the missions will reset after a period. So being quick enough and completing them before the reset counter is finished.

As you advance up in levels, the new ingredients will get unlocked and that will make the game even harder than it was. You are now dealing with bigger amount of buttons to tap on and bigger, more meals added to the menu, and you have to prepare them in the given time.

The Kawaii Kitchen Hack should provide you with help as it will make the preparation time longer, and that is all you need when it comes to a complicated meal.

Smart Questing System

If you have completed the given three missions earlier than its reset time, then you will stay, idle without any missions to accomplish for few hours. You may use the Kawaii Kitchen Hack to get the gems required to reset the quests list instantly!

That is the only way to receive new missions to work on. In addition, we are recommending this method for you to achieve your goals.

Apart from the missions, there is the achievements section on the bottom right corner. There are long-term goals there. You may check on it every few hours of playtime, and you will realize that you have completed a good number of achievements.

  • The rewards from this section will be only gems, and that is very interesting if you ask. The gems are considered a rare item, unless you were a Kawaii Kitchen Hack user.
  • Remember that your main goal is to complete as many orders as possible in the given period. If you ever started to slow down and take excessively long on an easy order, then you are not doing it correctly.
  • If you have the time and internet, then watching an ad to double your rewards could be a good option. We are recommending you to do so…

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