Kick the Buddy Forever was created and published by “PLaygendary” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

The game is very small as it will not take much space on your device, and you do not have to use mobile data in order to enjoy playing it, but for sure, you will miss several features when you play it offline.

For example: we have encountered a special weapon, but you have to like the Facebook page and Watch an Ad in order to unlock it.

That is when the Kick the Buddy Forever cheats will start to shine as it will get all the weapons, backgrounds, and characters unlocked by increasing your stock of diamonds without any limits.

Get Started

Before we dive any deeper through the Kick the Buddy Forever review, you must understand that the game is offering several boosters coming in different forms and they all will cost you real money. So if you are not interested in these offers or still want them but cannot afford the cost, then you have to consider the Kick the Buddy Forever cheats option.

Now, let’s start talking about our lovely game and illustrate the various features of the game to our readers including all the necessary details.

The game will start with a quick animation introducing you to the opening scene of the gameplay. There will be a quick tutorial to help you with learning the game at the start; the Kick the Buddy Forever Hack will not provide any assistance in this regard.

  • The main character will start jumping and provoking you in the blue captain America suit.

You should aim on tapping through the different parts of the friend and make sure that it is as quick as possible. There is one more thing you need to know, it is the health bar located on the top left corner of the screen.



A Great Reward System Is Waiting For You Inside

On the previous segment, we have been covering the main points of the gameplay. You must be willing to take your knowledge about the game to the next level now…

The first thing you must do is to activate the Kick the Buddy Forever Hack services. It will flood your account balance with the diamonds and coins.

The second thing you must know that the buddy has a limit health points, so if you start hitting him on the critical parts, you should deal much higher damage than the usually attacks.

  • Once you destroy the buddy, you will receive some great rewards and it will change depending on the stage you are at and the period you have taken to destroy it.

The rewards will usually be different tools to use on the buddy and deal much higher damage on him. You can unlock all of the available weapons in the game with Kick the Buddy Forever cheats and that will not cost you a penny.

  • Some players tend to relay on their skills in order to enjoy the game stages and experience it slowly.

The rewards will come in a form of flipped cards. There will be around 10 different cards and you can only choose one, and the rest will depend on the luck.

How To Play?

There are functional items on the screen to be used on the buddy. In addition, once you get enough coins or diamonds from Kick the Buddy Forever Hack, you can pull the red mark on the top left corner and enter the stuff section.

You can purchase new gears from there and we would recommend the firearms at the beginning. And if you leave the game idle for a long time, there will be an automatic attacking system activated and killing the buddy.

It is always good to trap the buddy at the corner of the screen and keep attacking him continuously without any hesitation. It will increase the combo rating and the damage dealt from the weapon will keep on increasing as well.

  • There are no rules in the game, so you can do whatever you want to reach the KO state. It is not easy and simple but still very crucial and this is your destiny after all…
  • There will be some random rewards coming for you in a pop up system and they can be obtained only if you watch an AD.
  • Do not forget the Kick the Buddy Forever Hack role in making the killing process much faster!

That will take us to the internet importance in the game. You should keep your device connected to the internet in order to enjoy its full features and progress faster than the regular rate.



Unlock All Set Of Weapons With Kick the Buddy Forever Cheats!

The weapons in the game are split into 8 sections and we would love to give you a quick look over their types on the following list:

  • Firearms
  • Superheroes
  • Creatures
  • Misc
  • Winter party
  • Cold weapons
  • Explosives
  • Nano weapons

Using the Kick the Buddy Forever cheats to put your hands over those weapons is the ideal way. In addition, you can obtain them by activating the diamond membership.

If you are looking for more violence and gore in the game, then you may add blood effects for 5 dollars or with Kick, the Buddy Forever cheats. Both options are available and will provide your gameplay with significant amount of blood effects.

Most of the weapons will come at a cost depending on their attacking powers. However, there will be some free weapons available.

Obtain the free weapons by watching a certain number of ads or spend the diamonds to get it right away. And by number of Ads we meant it could go up to 70 ADS and that will take few days from you finally make it available.

Customize Your Gameplay Easily…

By reaching this point, you should be aware of the main points of the gameplay. The time has come to talk about the main settings menu to customize the game itself.

With 600 diamonds, you can unlock a new customized buddy with more colorful outfit. Also the background will be changed depending on your own preference.

The Kick the Buddy Forever Hack should be more than enough to change the background of the buddy.

You are allowed to toggle the following features depending on your preference:

  • Sound
  • Speech
  • Vibration

If your son has made a purchase in the game and it was a mistake, then you should not worry as the game offers you the option to restore the purchases and get your money back.

Those were the main customizable features of the game and the remaining parts of the game will remain the same.

When you run out of money and weapons, you can always get back to the most ordinary ways which is fist fighting.

  • Tap on the head repeatedly as it is the weakest point and you will notice the buddy falling apart and begging for mercy. That is how the game works and it should keep you entertained for longer periods.

The game does not require higher mobile specifications; it will run mostly on any device. And it is considered to be one of the greatest pros of the game and it is the ideal solution if you were going to kill your time.

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