The gameplay is complicated in almost everyaspect; we did not find the simple word that could describe the gameplay in depth. So we would be speaking more about the game in the upcoming parts, and consider the Kick the Buddy cheats to be activated in order to have a game without

Kick the Buddy was created and published by “Merge the Pool” company and it is simply available for everyone to download and play it through the Android and IOS devices.

You will only need a device that is running an Android version 4.1 and up, the equalizing version on the other hand is being applied on the IOS devices. We are not speaking about a game that is packing up high graphics qualities and integrity, but it is still decent enough to be played for long times. You may also remove the annoying ads entirely from the game via the Kick the Buddy hack services.

Quick Intro.

The first impression we have received after starting the game for few seconds was the spam of advertisement, the game is filled with ads and we could not enjoy it at all without removing them by following the instructions that we will be illustrating down here at the Kick the Buddy guide.

To start playing the game, you will have to select a level and there are not many levels available to be played at the start, as they will come locked up except the first level.

Optimize The Gameplay.

You must be confused so much and cannot find the right way to play the game, so we have decided to bring some important Kick the Buddy tips to find the right attitude to play the game.

You must be looking for the right way to play the game, so you must know that swiping over the chains will cut the ropes accordingly.

Fall down the stickman by hitting the ball. That is your main target over the time. The stickman location on the screen will be changing according to the mission type.



Find The Right Chain To Cut.

The focus on the gameplay is to find the right chain to cut at the right moment at the same time, sometimes things will go against your plan. That is when you will have to restart the missions to the start.

The advertisement could be lasting for 30 seconds and that is a very long period that could lead to a complete loss of the previous plan that you were about to execute.

Check on your total score at the end of the mission, you can choose to eitherproceed to the next stage or simply restart the current one to achieve higher score.

Eliminate All The Stickmen.

You have to find the right formula in order to kill the stickmen with the given balls. Getting the best out of these balls is going to become your main mission.

Improve the experience to its maximum potential level by activating the Kick the Buddy cheats service. It will only make things better and we are recommending it for you as a player.

Do not cut all the shown chains at the once and try to find the right moment to cut the available ones and progress forward on your goal without looking behind.

Share Your Achievements With Your Friends.

You can share the latest achievement you have done in the game through your social media accounts, such a move will not require from you to use or enter any special information that is related to your personal life.

Some missions will be very hard and you will not be able to think of a solution, that is when the Kick the Buddy hack could become helpful and provide you with hints to surpass it.

There are not many options available at the game to be customized, but you can choose to either head to the main screen or simply turn off the music in the game.

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