Kidu A Relentless Quest Cheats Will Be Unlocking New Levels and Providing You with Extra Resources as Well for Free!

Start solving puzzles to lead you to another mission and a whole new story behind each puzzle you solving out, star turning around and jumping as well in the desired world you would wish to start playing in, choose in between different 12 worlds and 14 levels to complete. Make sure you are getting your hands on the Kidu a Relentless Quest cheats so you would be enabling yourself to achieve and complete all your goals at the game with the minimum effort.

The game was created and published by the “Juan Pedrido” company and it is available for downloading on the Android or IOS devices.

Game Summary.

The game is totally based on your accelerometer sensor at your device so you better have a decent set up or maybe even not sleeping while playing the game just sit down and focus and use your headphones for better gaming experience and remember that once you complete reading this Kidu a Relentless Quest guide you will be actually having all the information you would ask for in order to progress and proceed further in the game.

So let’s get started, the game at the first scenes will be taking you through various places and different people, and here you are the class while the teacher is teaching his students about the human evolution and he is wondering why does our grandparents always thinking that the revolution never happened!

But suddenly a super hero appears in the skies of the city and only one of the students with the red hair girl notices the super hero!

Chase The Super Hero!

Once the class is over the girl starts the chase over the super hero trying to catch up with him, but somehow the girl will slipper down and lose your mind, and wake up in a very weird place and doesn’t even know where is she, we can recommend you to use the Kidu a Relentless Quest cheats to be able to get out of there successfully!

And that is it the first story chapter but the rest will be known by playing the game with yourself, you shall be finding some useful Kidu a Relentless Quest tips around here, so keep reading and comeback for more.

Game Controls.

Now here we come to the game controls, swipe to the left side of the screen in order to move, use your left hand for such a purpose, swiping to the left would cause you to move to the left direction of course, and the same applies to the opposite one, and if you swipe way too far from the starting point, it will make your character to start running fast, but if you are just a little bit closer to the starting point this means that the character will be simply moving around.

Learn How TO Jump and Crouch Around.

Sometimes you will get to face some obstacles at the game, and in order to come over them you need to avoid and jump over them, the jumping button is located at the right bottom corner of the screen, but sometimes jumping is not all about the game, and you need to be fast and react quickly to the different obstacles form, use the button that is located exactly next to the jumping one to crouch under the obstacles.

Unlock Awesome Features of the Game by Using Kidu a Relentless Quest Hack for Free!

If there are some obstacles you cannot jump over or even crouch under, then you need to think smart and start looking around for boxes you can be using to get over and climb it which would give you a boost once you jump!

Also we can be letting you know that the Kidu a Relentless Quest hack comes for free and it will be providing you with hints and tips and all the resources you would be in need to, but let’s not forget the removing of game ads forever.


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