Tekling is an activity stuffed 2D stage diversion for cell phones where the player must maintain a strategic distance from destructive buzzsaws and avoid blasts keeping in mind the end goal to change into the relentless Tekling, mechanical rescuer of the city.

As a human, the unassuming Jack should gather stray e-particles to accumulate enough vitality to change into his robot frame who can hop higher, run speedier, hop off of dividers and impact away adversaries and snags to get away from the zone.

The Story So Far…

Jack, once a normal pizza kid, had the hardship of making a conveyance close to the site of an atom smasher blast, presenting him to supercharged nanites.

At the point when presented to extra fascinating particles Jack transforms into a robot warrior and champion of equity, Tekling! The city is overwhelmed with particles and now he should assemble them up before they can hurt the masses.

Outline – Theme – Tone

With more than 70 levels in scene 1, all done by team individuals, players can anticipate hours of testing gameplay. On the off chance that you stall out in later zones, don’t worry dear resident. Basically delay the amusement and have a go at utilizing one of the other Tekling shapes that will permit you to bounce higher or shield yourself against impediments.

Tekling speaks to our first raid into the Stencyl Engine and will be discharge on iOS and Android. Tekling discharges with Episode 1 yet Episodes 2 and 3 are made arrangements for one year from now.

The Making of Tekling

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