King Of Hunters was created and published by “NetEase” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

The Famous Pubg has been modified and travelled back in the time; you are now having the same mechanism of the pubg game, but with the different age and weapons. You will be playing in the medieval age, and the King of Hunters cheats of course will be by your side.

We are recommending this game to the former PubG and fortnite players, so if you ever got bored from the weapons, you are always welcome to join this dragon hunt quest.

Get Started

The game will require from you to have an access to your storage before it starts, so it is totally fine and safe to grant it the permission. Moving now to the second phase in the introduction of the game.

It will take few moments extracting the game files, so be patient and that is totally coming back to your device capabilities.

Connecting the device to Wi-Fi connection is recommended, as the game will check frequently for updates, and it will not start unless you update it to the latest version.

There is an auto detector to your device specs. Therefore, it will decide which is the optimum graphics for the gameplay depending on your device. Of course, you can change that later from the settings menu.

Choose the server that you are going to play in wisely, as it will indicate the latency numbers. In addition, do not worry about the King of Hunters hack; it will keep functioning properly in any server.

We are recommending our readers to choose the closet server to their current region for the optimum experience. You can read the latency numbers next to each server with a color indicator.

The green means that the server is the perfect choice. Moreover, the red is a color you need to avoid. Find more important King of Hunters tips down below.



Character Creation

In this process, you will find several options to choose and play around with. In addition, we are going to illustrate them with details down below.

  • Face: you only get to choose between two faces.
  • Two hairstyles are available, short and long hair
  • Of course, you can choose between playing as amole or a female, the female is the default
  • Dress, bracelets, and boots. They all coming in three different colors and you can choose between them.
  • Pick a decent name and do not forget the King of Hunters cheats.

Now, after creating the character we will be moving to the 7 days login will keep you motivated to open the game every day and still enjoy the main features inside. The King of Hunters cheats of course will work as an alternative to this reward.

However, before we enter the battlefield you have to complete the training session, and do not worry we are planning to write a brief about the training and help you to enter the game already fully acknowledged with all the information you need.


There are three parts of the settings to be optimized according to your main preference. Do not worry, the King of Hunters cheats have nothing to do in this part.

  • Basic

Choose between more than 10 global languages, and you can change the graphics level. The graphics level is coming in four different modes, from low and ends at ultra.

Increasing or decreasing the volume effects and music. Both are separated and available for you to play around with.

  • Battle

Show the allies HP units, how to cancel the skills that you are about to cast. Increasing the aiming sensitivity according to your ability. Enhance your winning chances with King of Hunters hack.

Malt switch and cam distribution are the last two options, you can either close them or just activate those two features.

  • Pick UP

We are suggesting you to enable the auto pick up option and this will save you the time and effort. You now have to focus mainly on the enemies and track them out, and getting the King of Hunters cheats ready to roll.

Do not forget to contact the GM in case you have faced any trouble with the gameplay, and leaving a feedback regarding the game is very important to help the new players ND developers notice the issues and work on fixing them.



Gameplay in Depth

The gameplay experience is very similar to many games and specially the famous one battleground unknown. They have used the same UI and implemented it into a different age.

You can see the given task on the top right corner, also the map with the indicators are on the same location. Interacting with the items on the map is not complicated, you just have to get closer to it and you can see the interaction icon appearing for you to choose which action you are preferring to use.

You can add some extra help via King of Hunters hack. In addition, there are few parts we have to tell you about before you download and enter the battlefield.

  • The map size will keep on decreasing as the time passes
  • Do not help your teammates unless you are sure it is safe
  • Use smoke when you are running
  • Do not conflict yourself with the buildings dimensions
  • Get the King Of Hunters cheats

How to Play?

You can find your gameplay stats and track all the records related to your account. Which means, that there will be always a room to improve.

At the end of each game, you can see what you have done, the focus points you can track the alive numbers now you died, and it will be your rank.

The more you die at the early stages, the lower your rank will reach. Increasing the rank could also become much easier than you are expecting if you have used King of Hunters hack.

Share the results on your social media and brag about it. You can also invite your friends to enter the game and start playing.

The mic and speakers could be toggled inside the game; by default, the mic will be closed. You can use them to communicate with your friends and find the right formation. As we have mentioned earlier, the gameplay is based on the tactical side much more than the labor.

If you have obtained a new weapon through King Of Hunters hack and want to try it out, then enter the training area and you can feel free to test whatever you want and enhance your domination streak.

Choose between three modes, normal mode, random mode and fun mode. In addition, we are suggesting you to start with the fun mode at the start and go into a squad. You can create new friends and relations very quickly.

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