Become a master thief by creating your own dungeon and start doing some work on the gems you are collecting and increase their powers so you would become stronger, but as becoming a thief in this game you will be forced to steal from other players even your friends so they will come back to retrieve what is theirs so make sure you are setting up the right traps in the right points and positions of the map, use the King of Thieves cheats to have more than enough gems which would allow your powers to exceed the limits.

Also remember that the game was created by “Zeptolap UK Limited” and it is available to be downloaded and tested for free on any IOS or Android powered device.

Increase Your Defense So Your Rewards Will Increase as Well.

The stronger your defenses are the less chances of you get stolen or destroyed by any outsiders because once the thief enters the dungeon he will get a certain amount of lives to consume and once he dies for first time his chances to steal your gem will decrease and also the gold that is located at your store, so the more he dies at your dungeon the more gold he is giving to you as a reward and he will end up stealing nothing, so we recommend you to use the King of Thieves cheats to be able to have an invincible trapping system.


Play in Two Different modes.

Remember that there are two sides of the game stories going on at this game, the first one is actually pliable in the offline mode and it can be accessed from anywhere anytime you wish to, keep playing it so you would advance and unlock new dungeons and gem stones with higher capacities, but as we have mentioned the gem stones and dungeons thing we must be explaining them to the new players at the game.

The dungeons are the place where you place your gems and start planning out some unbreakable defense system, each dungeon has its own defense system to protect it and secure the gems from being stolen from other thieves of the game, remember that the game is only based on skills and high focus levels of the player.

Set A Pathway for Your Traps.

The traps you setting at the game are actually smart enough to understand the movement paths you want them to operate within, so make sure you are also upgrading them since the upgrades of the traps will cause them to deal much higher damage to the thieves entering your cave and let me explain how the damage will affect your defense chances at protecting the game, but for now keep reading so you would benefit from the King of Thieves tips.


Invite Your Friends to Join the Game with You.

At first get to know that you will need to be having as many friends as possible at this game, because the more friends you have the less enemies will be coming at you, and we shall be expressing the details of each part of this game and how it actually works, but for now keep in mind that you will need to use the Facebook account of yours to be sending invitations to all of your friends so they would start playing the game with you, and also keep reading this King of Thieves guide so you would be able to understand the game basics.

The King of Thieves Hack Will Allow You to Have Higher Chances of Stealing Other`s Gems.

The adrenaline rush shall become a regular thing for you at this game, since once you try to enter someone’s else cave and try to steal his gem his defenses will start working accordingly to the given plan from the owner and your goal is to understand how it works in very less time, or even use the boosters you got from fusing out the gems together, actually you can enjoy the boosters for as long as you want because they will never run out if you start using King of Thieves hack, as it will be  providing you with the required gems.


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