Now, you can play your favorite 8pool game in 3D and thanks to this new version, they have managed to add some interesting features to enhance the gameplay. And of course they didn’t get close to the rules of the game. Get the Kings of Pool cheats to ensure an unlimited playing time.

Kings of Pool was created and published by “Uken Studios, Inc.” And it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS device.

General Introduction to The Game.

The famous game that has been breaking records in the past years, the time has come to put it under our scope and start reading the Kings of Pool guide to become fully aware of how the gameplay looks like, even without downloading it.

Before you advance to the game, you got to choose between the Facebook login option or the guest mode. The guest has its pros and cons, as it will not be saving your data files cloudy and if you have uninstalled the game or changed the device under any condition, this will result in losing all your progression.

Next segment will be based over the gameplay in depth and will provide you with some advanced techniques to achieve the highest records.

Gameplay in Depth.

And now the time has come to speak more about the gameplay. And as any pool game, you will be using the stick and pulling it backwards to determine the shooting power. Of course you can change the shooting direction of the stick. But let’s move a little bit behind to the main basics of the game.

You will be starting with the breaking set shot, always try to be smart and aim for the right angel to get as many balls as possible into the pockets.

And once the first ball gets into the pocket, this is going to become your main target from this moment and on. Choose between solids and strikes. Follow the given Kings of Pool tips to have great win streaks ahead.



Requirements to Run the Game.

You must have an internet connection to play the game it is advised to be a strong and stable one, because one single mistake or delay will result in running out of time and losing your turn. You may retrieve the lost money at the end of the round by using the Kings of Pool cheats, but we will get back to this part later on.

You do not know how strong your opponent is, so giving him the chance to take the lead is such a disaster. One of the most important things to bear in mind whilst playing the game is to keep the white ball on the table. If you have mistakenly dropped it into the pocket, the opponent will receive a free kick.

Modify The Look of the Table.

Also another use to the Kings of Pool hack is to customize the table you are playing on. There are several customized tables available to be purchased. The customized section will only be visible to you; the enemy side will not be seeing it.

Another thing to purchase is the tables corners, they are coming in several customize colors and they will make you feel comfortable whilst playing and that is a very necessary thing.

How to Adjust the Spin?

Adjusting the spin is a very critical part of the gameplay. Cue ball will spin in the direction of the red dot after being shit. There are about 4 different directions to choose from.

And do not forget to enable or disable the spectating option of the game, this gives the right for your friends to enter the match and start watching it live. Also keeping track of the balls you have gotten into the box and knowing how many left is the key to victory. And if you ran out of coins by any chance due to many losses, then the Kings of Pool hack will recover you from this situation.

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