8 ball pool in its brand new form has finally arrived on the Android and IOS devices, start playing with your friends or anonymous players from all over the world in the clubs, raise your bets on the games for much higher rewards in return.

Enjoy the amazing new trick engine that was implemented to the game with latest updates and improvements than the previous one, use the Kings of Pool Online 8 Ball cheats for free in order to receive all the amounts of Gold or cash you want. The game was created by “Uken Games” Studio.

Game Introduction.

Once you choose the login option, you will get instantly matched against an opponent to test out your playing skills and get introduced to the gameplay, keep reading the article before you start playing the game because you will find here many amazing Kings of Pool Online 8 Ball tips and how to shoot techniques explained.

Make sure you are checking the daily goals menu, as it gets updated every day with global goals to achieve, and the more goals you are competing in the game the more rewards you shall be receiving to your account.


Active Internet Connection Is a Must!

Remember that in order to play the game smoothly without any lag, you must be having a stable strong internet connection and that is to ensure the best gaming experience.

And now let’s move to the part where you are supposed to invite in your friends to the game, there are 2 methods in order to invite them or add them to your friends list. First one is by searching for their existence name on the game and send them a friend request.

The second method is using your Facebook account and start sending to all your friends on Facebook invitations to join the game and if they are already playing the game, you will be sending them a friend request, but make sure you are using the Kings of Pool Online 8 Ball cheats in order to get more cash and gold than anyone else. And that will be simply giving you the leader over them.

Create Your Club with Your Friends for Higher Rewards.

You can create your own club, and in order to create it you must be having friend at the game and 2000 cash. The club thing would give you the chance of competing as a team that means much higher bonus cash and gold for each challenge you winning, and in case you do not have friends to create your own club, you can simply start using the finding a club function located at the bottom of the screen.


Choose Between Playing as Guest or Login with Facebook!

First scenes of the game you will get to choose between using the Facebook to login or start playing as a guest, and since this is the main Kings of Pool Online 8 Ball guide we got to let you know the benefits of using the two potions, actually we do recommend you to use the Facebook login choice, because it will grant you an access to all your progression in the game whenever you want or wherever you are playing the game, so all your data is saved in safe place and do not worry they will never post anything on your walls without your permission.

The second option we got here is playing the game as a guest, and that is in case you do not want to share anything about your personal information in the game but yet your data will be saved but just on the device only, you will never be able to get your saved data once you delete the game or even play it on another device.

Your Guidance of Using the Kings of Pool Online 8 Ball Hack!

We will be speaking here about the importance of using the Kings of Pool Online 8 Ball hack!

Competing in much higher tiers of the game requires you have certain amounts of gold or cash, so using the item above is going to make you compete at much stronger and competitive matches without having to go through all the misery that anyone would go through.


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