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The real truth out in the open on this fresh out of the plastic new paw-tastic diversion!

Quite a long time ago, Kitty City was a flourishing town. There was a lot of sustenance, amusement and general brotherhood. Similarly as the city was growing, a goliath yarn ball meteor collided with the sea, flooding it, annihilating everything afterward.

Help Farmer Franny and her other Kittizen buddies remake Kitty City! Collect harvests and catch new fish as you reestablish this city to its previous eminence. Assemble eateries and a delectable coffee shop to bolster your fuzzy companions!




– Rescue Kittizens to open new structures and formulas!

– Provide assets and art important products

– Join classes and contend with your companions!

– Fulfill Orders at MEW-P-S Air and Rail!

– Use the Mew-P-S to send products to far away companions!

– Level up your felines to acquire rewards.

– Earn little cats to expand your speed.

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