This is not an ordinary game talking about cute and small cats. Everything inside thereisdifferent, as these cats will take you through a very adventurous and weird journey that is filled with problems and challenges.

These cats are actually thieves and they are finding their fun in stealing items from all over the world. Start giving them missions and use the stolen items to make your project get bigger and bigger. The gems will flood your account and totally for free.

KleptoCats 2 was created and published by “HyperBeard” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

If you are looking for a specifications sheet, then you are downloading the wrong game. This is a very simple and artistic game, which comes with a very rich experience and nothing is close to being perfect. It will ignore the major part of the graphics and focus more on the content itself.

The remaining set of features at the game will become available as you advance forward, and with the KleptoCats 2hack, we do believe that you will see them being achieved easily and without paying a single penny. If you are interested to learn more in this regard then read the following review…

Main Gameplay Scene.

Hola uhhh….”Guapo”. Can you help the cat to get out of this location…? This is the first task you will ever get to see in the game so far.That is when you will be receiving your first gift to place in the house and work on your decoration plan.

Tapping on the cat will send it out into the outside to steal something for you; it could consume few seconds or maybe even few minutes depending on the mission difficulty. However, you will figure out some smart methods to speed up the time at our KleptoCats 2 guide.

However, right now you must be looking for a way to get out of this locked place and try to see something useful. That is when you should keep on trying with your cat and sending it on random missions and eventually it could success.

Giving way too missions to the cats will simply destroy your relation with them. You have to know when to take a step back to make them happy again and take your side. This is the art of the good players and you have to keep such a thing in your mind.



How to Treat Your Cats?

Your cats will hate you and love you depending mainly on how you treat them up. Therefore, once they are not satisfied with you, then giving them, a good treat would change the situation entirely… they are not asking for much if you ask me.

Following our KleptoCats 2 tips will only improve your chances of having a successful journey in the game so far. Finding the key by treating your cat kindly will see you a way out of this locked person. However, you still do not know where you are supposed to go.

Unlock new cats and add them to your cats list. They are unique and special so giving them cool names would make the idea much better if you ask me. Keep seeding your cat out on missions until it munges to get it done.

Some cats are smarter than the others are, so they would only take few minutes to get the mission done and others would take the entire day trying and trying.

Apart from the KleptoCats 2 cheats, there are several ways to get new cats into your world. In addition, all of these options will be mentioned down below.

Speed Up The Waiting Time!

If your cat has gone into a mission and it has shown you the approximate time was very long. Then the KleptoCats 2 cheats will allow you to activate the call back for any number of tries. You are no longer limited and stricter to the game system.

Calling your cats back and sending him or her out again for another mission is something you go to keep on doing. That is why the need for KleptoCats 2 hack will increase as you move forward.

Each item will complete a set of the mission, but there are main items and secondary items. Learning the difference could happen during the gameplay period itself.

Now, as you have opened the house that is going to become your home now. You must record all the new adventures and fill them into your album. However, the major problem is that the house is huge and epee, but you are going to need the special abilities of your cats to fill it up.

Of course, there is no honor in decorating and filling your house with stolen items. This is how the gameplay is running that is why we are not recommending it for the kids.



Move Freely Through the House’ Rooms.

There are four different rooms at the start and as you moveon there will be more rooms with higher challenges as you are the one whom is supposed to fill every corner of it.

Customizing the rooms is not very hard, but it is a cool feature we have enjoyed seeing it into the game with this simplicity. In addition, the rooms are coming with a set of missions as well, but the great thing is that you can modify the missions depending on your preference and they all are available to be played.

Tapping on the cat will offer you several options and you have decide which one the cat is willing to do comfortably. Do not over feed the cat as it will get bored from you and focus more on the candies.

Using the candies with a strict plan will make things much smoother in all prospects. With the KleptoCats 2hack, we do believe that such a problem if existed will be solved instantly.

Speeding up the process of the mission can be done by spending extra coins or watching and advertisement through the YouTube. In addition, the KleptoCats 2 cheats works as the same thing.

Leave No Stone Unturned…

Try to send all the cats out at the same time and check on them from time to time as it will help you to stop wasting any extra moment and use the KleptoCats 2 cheats to take you through the next phase.

If your cats have managed to put their bows on a useful item, then sharing it through your social media is an option to brag about it.

Do not forge tot claim your daily reward for each time you are opening the game. These rewards are cool but not compared with the gems you are about to receive via KleptoCats 2 hack.

Tap on the dropped coins on the floor to pick them up, they will change depending on their location but this is not something you need to be bothered with.

Only get the game if you are looking for a very simple and fluid game. Otherwise, looking for a deep gameplay …then this game would not fit your needs at any cost.

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