KleptoCats Blast was created and published by “HyperBeard” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

This game has managed to make an outstanding hit on the store at the moment it was released. Prepare yourself to experience a MEO-zing puzzle game and steal mysterious items from all over the universe. Enjoy tons of outstanding boosters and power-ups.

We are recommending this game for the fans of puzzle games and cats. It combines the good of both worlds, by combining the extreme puzzle challenging tasks with lovely cats and effects.

You can reach unreachable stages with the help of KleptoCats Blast cheats, as it will cover up all your spending so far.

Get Started

Reading our KleptoCats Blast review will help you to learn more about the main features in the game, and of course the main points of gameplay. You will find valuable information’s to help you as an advanced player as well, it will boost up your performance by a huge margin.

Let’s begin with the main points in the gameplay. Tap your paws on 2 or more blocks and clear the goals. Spin the board by scrolling left or right. It is a 3 D dimensional puzzle game, which we do not get to see a lot these days.

We do believe that, with the help of KleptoCats Blast cheats and KleptoCats Blast hack, you will manage to reach very far challenges. It is a very smart game and has what it takes to keep you attacked to it for a very long time.

Your aim should be focused on the big prizes, and by big prizes we mean the big stacked items. Matching 3 items together is a good thing, but matching 5 items together is a great thing, it can become even greater if you manage to catch 7 tiles together.

  • Your goals will be highlighted on the top left corner of the screen, it has a counter to instruct you carefully and give you all needed information.
  • Matching tiles randomly will never get you anywhere. It is how these games work. However, you can enjoy a free matching mode, where you bring your dreams into reality.

Scroll down to learn more about the advanced tricks in the game…


Rewards system is not different from its competitors, it has a very similar system. You will be rated on three stars rating system for each mission you completing. If you manage to get three stars, then it means you have owned the world.

You can always share your progress online through your social media accounts to brag about it. However, it will not happen on its own. You have to link up your game with your social media account in order to be able to have any communication with your social media life.

  • If you have any doubts about your performance in a certain task, then feel free to restart it and give your luck another chance.

This might be a problem cause of the lives system. However, our KleptoCats Blast cheats and KleptoCats Blast hack will be sorting out this problem for you.

It will provide you with any amount of lives you select from the menu shown above. It should be able to keep you playing your game continuously without any interruptions.

By reaching this point, you should be aware of the main basic points. Scroll down for more advanced tips…




How Matching System Works?

Right at the beginning of each challenge, there will be a pop up box to inform you about the most important information related to this mission.

We are talking about four main points:

  • Diffusely level and require skills to pass it
  • Expected rewards after finishing it
  • Require goals to achieve the complete mark
  • Currently obtain power ups
  • Power ups are easily purchasable via KleptoCats Blast cheats and KleptoCats Blast hack

You must be wondering about the importance of stars in this game, but we can make this case simplified to you in few steps.

  • Each stage has certain number of missions and final reward at end
  • You can get only 3 stars as a maximum reward from a single mission
  • In order to unlock the stage and move towards next stage you must have enough stars
  • Star jar will get unlocked for first time after collecting 30 stars

As you are aware of the importance of stars now, you should never let any mission slip and make sure you are getting the full mark out of all of them.

Complete Your Cata-log With KleptoCats Blast Cheats!

One of the great features we have enjoyed in this game so far, was the cat-alog. It allows you to enter a very immersive challenge to complete a full set of catalogs about the cats. Each cat will come with its own description and rarity level.

It is only limited to the cats, you will be collecting items in your scrapbook. Sometimes, it will require from you to re-do certain missions in order to unlock it. However, the KleptoCats Blast cheats or KleptoCats Blast hack should be more than enough to help you with completing this cat-alog.

Moving next to the ranking system and how it works. They have added a new loyalty ranking system. It will be determined by your playing frequency. Make sure that you are claiming your daily reward to rank up higher in this list.

Last but not least, the achievements system. It is smart and has several tasks to be completed. At the moment, this review was written, the achievement system had 52 challenges waiting for you to complete them.

The difficulty level in the achievements system will increase as you move forward. It is a very smart system, so it will not jump directly into the hardest level automatically, it will take you a step by a step.

Final Verdict

Now, you have covered the main points of the gameplay it would be the right moment to find the right optimizations for your gaming experience. Unfortunately, the settings menu does not contain that much of settings.

You are only given few options to play around with. However, you can find the most important features imported, so no big problems will be found.

Save your progress on your Facebook account and worry no more about losing your progressed data or any unnecessary data loss or device changing problems.

Turn on/off music, sound effects and nonfictions with one click. And if you are enjoying the game, then feel free to give it a decent rating to encourage the developers to create extra missions and stages. This will only do well for the whole community.

  • Note: do not forget about KleptoCats Blast hack to activate the unlimited lives feature and playing your game without any restrictions.

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