The game is very simple in the main idea but when it comes to the gameplay with all of its details, we are talking here about one of the hardest games ever. Some developers in the past have managed to create games very similar in the gameplay concept but they did not manage to make it up for longer periods as the games were killed by certain con.

Aim and throw the knight at the empty slots and this is how the game is working, of course, there are several features and options in there but do not forget the Knife Dash cheats to have infinite lives and remove the ads. Learn more in this regard down below.

Knife Dash was created and published by “Viral Leap Media” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through Android and IOS platforms.

We cannot mention the graphics part in this game at all, it seems to be very simple and the visuals or any sort of effects is very just serving the cause in general and has nothing to do in depth of the gameplay. We are expecting to see this game available for almost every player out there due to the low requirements. In addition, we are expecting the player’sdatabase to increase and expand on the incoming days.

Darts in the Dark.

You should be expecting to learn all the necessary information you need about the gameplay, we are talking here about a detailed Knife Dash guide of the features and how to interact correctly with the game.

It might seem odd at the beginning with this weird music and sound effects, but that is a feature that you can disable or enable entirely coming back to your preference. Entering the settings menu at the top right corner of the screen and enjoy your quality attempts of improving the gameplay quality and making it a better game.

Sounds and music’s are both available; you may not decrease or increase them by with a single tap it will toggle between enabling and disabling them. Moving down a little bit and you can see the notification icon…

Enabling thenotifications in such a game will mean a complete chaos and hell to your device throughout the regular daily basis. We are not recommending anyone to enable the notifications at all unless you are completelyaddicted to the system. There is one last feature in there, but it will require from us a huge room to express its benefits.



Cloud Saving Feature.

Yes, as you have read this part will be mainly related to the cloud saving and how it works, but that will not be it we are going to talk about the benefits coming alongside the cloud saving as well.

First, if you were a user of Knife Dashhack, then whatever you have achieved with it will be kept and you are killing any chance to get back to the tool once more later on.

If you have reached a stage that, no one has ever managed to reach and somehow something happened to the device or the application itself, with the cloud saving your game data will be linked online and has nothing to do with the physical part you have in your hands.

This game is a time killing game and it will be mainly consuming all your time, so finding the right balance between the playing and real life is important…specially if you started using the Knife Dash cheats and made it much smoother and simpler.

Challenge Your Friends.

Previously, we have been talking about the cloud saving in general but we did not provide the players with the proper way to get it activated. The game is allowing you to connect your Facebook account to the game, and by doing this, you are giving the game a complete access to your friends list and personal information.

They have guaranteed you that they will never be posting on your behalf or using the information in a wrong way. However,let us speak about the small benefits on the short time. By putting, the Knife Dash cheats into service, then you will be boosting up your performance by a margin, so the friends leaderboard will be updated with your name on the top.

Challenging the real life friends and sending invitations to the ones who did not join yet is the greatest part of any game. Ensure that you are beating them out via Knife Dashhack and securing yourself a position on the top 10 ranks at least.



Receive gifts For Every 4 Hours.

Every 4 hours you may receive your own gift reward system, activate it by tapping on the treasure box located on the bottom left corner, but these coins are very low and may not affect your experience at all.

If you managed to activate the Knife Dash cheats, then entering the store would be more fun. We are speaking here about several types of knives and styles to choose from. However, if you ask me about the difference of these knives.

Then the answer would be nothing! There is no clear difference between the knives abilities. In addition, you are not going to enjoy the Knife Dash hack at the knives purchasesprocess only. You may also remove the ads entirely from the game and make it much smoother.

Usually, the ads will keep popping up at random moments; it will ruin your chances of breaking the records. So getting rid of them should be considered as a priority…we are talking here about a very critical priority.

Track your achievements through the simple achievements system. It is not bringing anything unique to the table, but still decent enough to keep you playing the game.

How to Play?

If you have enjoyed the game and looking for games related to the same developer, then tapping on the star icon located on the top left corner will be taking you directly into the play store. You may also search for the Knife Dash hack and similar services for other games at this website as well.

As we have illustrated earlier, the main goal is to smooth things out and make the games much more enjoyable in this regard. Finally yet importantly is the gameplay. You must be wondering on it.

Tap to throw blade. Do not hit obstacles and other blades. This is the main idea behind the gameplay. Each single time you will be tapping on the screen will throw out a blade on the spinning ball in front of you. Sometimes it will change its speed to a very fast one and on other occasions, you will need the time to understand the sequence of the shooting ball.

You can see the timer located on the target to give you a simple countdown to the number blades you need to shoot them. Following our Knife Dash tips could be a nice idea from now on if you ask me.

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