Enter a game that its events are taking place in the medial time, the heroes in the game are using the swords combined with the pixelated graphics, so prepare yourself to create your own legacy by using the Knight Fever cheats that will be getting you unlimited amounts of resources for free which would make the upgrades and improving your hero a simple task.

The game was created by “Webzen Inc” and you can start downloading it right away for free on your Android or IOS device.


The game is offering you to choose between three options at the start of the game, the first one is to use the Facebook account of yours so you could be accessing the friends list and start sending invitations to everyone you want so they could be simply entering the game and play with you, also saving the game progression could be done as soon as you use as all your latest progression and achievements in the game can be accessed from any device anywhere you are once you use the same account used here to login the game, there are many Knight Fever tips to help you to achieve your goals.

Also if you do not have any social accounts you can simply play the game as a guest and save the game data on your device but that puts you in danger of losing it if you ever uninstalled the game or started playing the game on any other device, so you will have to start all over again from the begging.

There might be limitation on account recover or customer service with guest login.

Choose A Unique Nickname.

Enter a user name so you could be indemnified at the game between many other heroes.

The importance of the stamina shall be covered here in the Knight Fever guide, the stamina is the fuel for the warriors as they will never be able to move anywhere without it, and the mages in this game actually have the lowest stamina ratings compared to any other class in the game, so you will need to use the image as an alternative damage dealer since you can simply switch to another warrior as soon as you feel like you will never be able to play with the mage.

Upgrade Your Heroes for Stronger Powers.

Right before starting the game you better be having an active internet connection because there are extra files required to be downloaded in order to be able to start the journey and play the game.

Increasing your warrior attributes and improving it by a margin can only happen if you have enough resources at the game, that is why using the Knight Fever cheats is a necessary thing to do, as you will be having the freedom of purchasing whatever equipment you need for completing your journey in the game.

Obtain The Strongest Warriors in The Game by Using the Knight Fever Hack for Free!

The gameplay is a little bit different, as the hero of yours will start moving forward in the direction of the monsters in three lanes but that can be changed depending on the map you playing in, at the bottom of the screen there will be the warriors slot in order to swipe in between them depending on the current situations, the warriors can be unlocked as you complete missions and advance in the game, but they will come at a cost that is why getting the Knight Fever hack will make everything possible for you.

Collect Loot from The Killed Monsters.

Each monster you killing will be dropping loot so pick it up to increase your bank account, also swipe between different lanes by drawing a line from your warrior to the desired lane and it will automatically jump afterwards to the place your line is ending.

Strong monsters will be lasting for longer periods and also the reward will be much bigger as well, so work hard for harder income.


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