Now it’s time for your second battle in the game, and if you won this game you are going to be in the semifinals of your first tournament to prove you are best at card games, now it’s time to defeat Eniripsa! Use the Krosmaga Cheats to strengthen up your deck at the game.

This game was created by “ANKAMA GAMES” and you can download it on Android or IOS Devices Freely.



Follow The Game’s Tutorial to Understand How to Play the Game!

At the beginning you are going to be asked if you are a new player or you already have an account, and after downloading some files that needed to play the game, my divine friends, to brighten up our immortality a little, I have created a new game, even if we cannot fight each other, other people can in our place! We will see who has the best disciples, when it comes to fighting, I have seen it all! My warriors are the strongest by far! I will take more than a simple match to prove it, god Iop… but let’s have a little tournament to start off with… congratulations you have now unlocked the starter deck to be able to play the game, and finally make sure to read all of our Krosmaga tips to understand how to play the game.

Get Ready To Join Your First Epic Tournament In The Game!

The tournament has begun, now tap on the play button to start playing, your first fight has begun, and your opponent has already made his move and will end his turn, so it’s time for your turn and to summon your first minion, and keep in mind that minions will start moving from the second turn thy are summoned, so now end your turn, each player’s minions move a little bit after the end of the turn, so your ultimate goal is to defend your Dofus and to defeat opponents Dofus, and also always remember that each card has his or her own stats and it differs from the each other so make sure to play wisely and to read our Krosmaga guide to know all the types of the cards.

Don’t Get Deceived with The Fake Dofus That Placed in The Battlefield!

Ha! I righty bet on these results for the first round! For the gallant winners, here is your reward… you are going to get 3 cards of each type to be added to your deck and they are 4 types, so tap on continue to claim the reward, now let’s continue on to the semi-finals! I have prepared a little surprise for you… as you see every has fake Dofus to deceive your opponent, so try to think wisely to not waste your time on the fake Dofus, and finally make sure to get the extra help from the Krosmaga cheats to get enough Kamas to help you through your journey in the game.

Win To Proceed To The Semi Finals Of The First Tournament In The Game!

so start making your moves and put the right strategies to win this game, and also make sure to win because there are too many people that already did their bet on you so don’t disappoint them and become the mastermind of this game and lead the scoreboard of the game

Obtain The Krosmaga Hack To Unlock New Cards!

If you cannot get enough cards to play in the different tournaments, if you cannot win more games because of the lack of the cards so get ready and get all the help from the Krosmaga hack to be provided with all the cards you want to be able to play and defeat the other players and to win all the tournaments you are going to participate in, also there is a good thing about this game you can also start playing against different players from all over the world and you can also play and challenge your real friends to prove who is best among you all.


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