Pick up your gun and prepare yourself for one of the most intense survival action game out there. The game name is saying it all…you are fighting to survive another day in a zombie apocalypse that has invaded the world.

No one is safe in this invasion and you have to figure out a way to survive a day by day. Using the LAST DAY ALIVE cheats should be on your top of the priorities and we are advising you to get it to work.

LAST DAY ALIVE was created and published by “Glu” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The game is considered to be on the top ranking table when it comes to the graphics requirements. By the time we have reviewed it, it was not released it and we had our hands over the beta version. The graphics and visuals in general.

It is advised to use a high-end device to enjoy the deepest details of the game. In addition, consider using LAST DAY ALIVE hack services to enjoy the full features in the gameplay. Learn more in this regard by reading the full review down below.

Storyline + starter’s Instructions.

Make sure that your mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi connection to be able to enjoy the various features of the game and you will have the ability to download extra data files as well. By completing our LAST DAY ALIVE guide, we will make sure that you are fully aware of the game basics and ready to progress on your own.

Complete chapter 1 to unlock PVP mode and challenge other players. Complete chapter 2 to unlock the helicopter and base raid mode. All of these modes are locked at the first mission.

Start your first tutorial mission by meeting JessiSilverstone; she has been swarmed by zombie’s right outside and looking for help.

We are moving now into the controlling mechanism and how it works…tap and rag the screen on the left side to aim on the zombies. In addition, once you have a clear shot, and then tap on the fire button located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can also change the weapon you are using and reload it if it is running out of ammo. By reading our LAST DAY ALIVE tips, you will realize that it is advised to aim for the head always to get a lethal headshot.



Gameplay Overview.

You have landed the chopper when the fuel dropped low. In addition, you are on your way to refuel but the monsters came out of nowhere in big numbers and started attacking the entire crew.

Some zombies have different weak spots than others. Try to get the explosive one by hitting its stomach to blow it out and splash the damage all over the surrounding area.

Completing missions will reward you with cash and experience points. The experience points are responsible for advancing you from one level to another and the cash will help you to purchase better gears.

Using LAST DAY ALIVEhack as the main source for cash is not the perfect idea as it will kill the fun part of the game and take you into an easy way to purchase the most advanced gears available at your level with a single click.

The gameplay is taking you through the story of the entire crewmembers, each one is at a certain place and your mission is to survive with them all and reunite the team once more.

Play It Smart!

If the enemies are coming in big numbers and the explosive barrels are available, then aim for these barrels to explode them out and blow up the entire zombie horde.

Using the machete to cut them into small pieces is the right move in such a situation, but you have to do the right distance calculations and know exactly when to grab it out.

The tab in your sniper scope allows you to zoom. Slide it up and down to change zoom magnification. However, this not going to become your biggest concern in the game.

As you are living in a settlementalongside other survivors and the numbers are increasing from all over the place. Finding enough resources that will keep you alive is going to become a very hard task; you may get help from LAST DAY ALIVE hack in this regard and add it to your regime.

Also planting the plant seeds will make a good farm that will provide your people with food and survival goods in general. Start construction processes of the farm right away, do not waste a single moment!

The newer facilities will be unlocked by advancing up in the levels. That is another reason to use LAST DAY ALIVE cheats to get higher experience points much faster.



Establish The Settlement.

Building a facility will require a certain amount of time in order to get it done, but you can skip the waiting process by spending extra gold bars. If you were running low on resources in general including the gold bars, then LAST DAY ALIVE cheats would become the perfect choice.

The store is packed up with tons of weapons and it is your turn to choose a weapon that will fit the mission you are about to enter. Each weapon is coming at a cost, the stronger the weapon the much more expensive it will be.

For the daily basis and close combat battles, then the shotguns will suit you the most and on the other hand, the LAST DAY ALIVE cheats will allow you to obtain the snipers and even purchasing a helicopter will not be a problem in this regard.

It is not that hard to know the weapon specifications, you can see the stars rating over the weapon’ icon to know the general firepower of this weapon and if you are looking for details, then reading the next segment will cover it up.

Pick Up The Right Weapon…

The weapons are accumulated in six different areas and each area is responsible for a certain power of the weapon.

  • Damage: the amount of damage that a single bullet can deal to the zombie.
  • Fire Rate: Amount of bullets can be shot in a single second.
  • Clip Size: some weapons have larger magazines and will help you on the intense and big combats.
  • Reload Time: if you are entering a closed area and there is no time to reload the weapon, then you should be looking for a weapon that has a fast reload time as possible.
  • Crit Damage Multiplier: the critical damage is something that will happen at random points of the battle, you cannot relay too much on your critical attacks.

By reaching this point, we are sure that you have understood the general basics of the game. The only thing that will ruin your fun is the cost of each mission. Which means you are not allowed to play the game for very long periods. Overcome this issue by activating LAST DAY ALIVE hack and receiving tons of gold bars to play the game without limits!

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