Last Day on Earth Survival was created and published by “Kefir!” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

As you can read the name, this is going to become your worst nightmare as you will be dragged into a completely new life… you are no longer in control of your life. Get Last Day on Earth Survival Hack ready for the challenges coming up ahead…

Here are the key features inside:

  • Infection that has destroyed everything we know at our time, it is your time to survive it!
  • Materials are very low and you have to work your way to gather enough resources
  • It is totally recommended to activate Last Day on Earth Survival hack at the very early stage
  • Totally self-dependent and your friends will not have any impact on your experience.
  • Certain progressions can take place even if you are not playing

Last day on earth is a free-to-play game that is currently in the beta testing phase, but you can speed up your progress with in-app purchases. If you want to disable these in-app purchases, set a password for purchases in the google play store app settings.

We hope that you volunteered to destroy zombies in the name of saving the mankind. Keeping your personal data safe requires synchronizing your account with their survivors tracking system.

Activate Last Day on Earth Survival Hack For New Gears And Extra Resources!

Get started by selecting a server to enjoy your experience in. there are 6 different servers and each one has its own status next to it: Hot, New, Full…we are recommending you as a beginner to go for a new server.

Here are the benefits of starting your challenge in a new server:

  • Your chances to reach top tier ranking is much higher compared to old ones
  • Many new people starting with you from scratch to reach their way to top
  • There will be always a space for you to login without any extra efforts
  • Do not worry Last Day on Earth Survival Hack will work in any of these available servers equally

Next step would be character creation. Last Day on Earth Survival has its own customization set when it comes to character creation. You are given a complete access to change Skin color, hair color, hairstyle and even your beard.

Your character customizations will not have any effect on the gameplay experience by any means, scroll down if you are interested to learn more about gameplay…

How To Play?

Looting is going to become your most repeated task in your time. As the survival task is all based on looting items from abandoned places and try to make a good use of it with the lowest effort.

Controls could be a little bit complicated for you at first few minutes, but after you read this tutorial everything should be alright.

  • Movement is done via the joystick on left bottom corner.
  • On the opposite side of the joystick, you can find three main buttons.
    1. Grab items or loot out a certain object
    2. Attack an opponent
    3. Crouch to reduce noise and get an opportunity to sneak behind your enemies
    4. You can always activate the auto loot option but it is very risky as you could run onto some enemies
    5. On top left corner you can see your health points

By reaching this point, now you are aware of the main control settings but it would be more suitable to dive through a little bit advanced systems.

Do not forget to get Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats ready before we proceed into next segment…



Gameplay Tips

Your inventory will be limited to 10 slots and weight is not playing any factor at this game. You can increase your inventory size by creating a bag.

Any object you are looting will open a pop up window showing you the loot you can pick and your inventory. A quick swap between certain items would free up some space in your inventory for a much higher value item.

  • Weapons are very fragile in this game, but we will cover this part later on here. You must now search for food in order to survive. There are limited sources for food at the very beginning, and fruits are considered to be one of the rare sources.

You are not only collecting food, you need to collect other materials such as wood and stone. Wood will be used later to build up your own shelter and stone can do the same function but in a little bit advanced way…

Resources can be obtained in hard way and easy way. We are recommending you to follow the easy way and put your hands on Last Day on Earth Survival Hack.

Shape Your Own Experience

If you are new to the game then paying a visit to the settings menu is a must thing to do. We have noticed that Last Day on Earth Survival is not offering much in this menu.

Here is a quick list of customizable settings:

  • More than 12 global languages are available
  • Slider to change graphics level from minimal to ultra
  • Enable Music, Sounds, and notifications
  • Keep notifications turned on only if you were a hardcore gamer and since this game is based on energy points and long waiting periods in order to get some objects constructed.
  • Last Day on Earth Survival Hack can still be activated and will not affect your gameplay in any way
  • News section that includes all the upcoming updates and recent changes to gameplay

Now, you are aware of the most important inscriptions regarding the gameplay and it would be the right moment to advance into our final conclusion.

Increase Your Stock Of Food With Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats Right Away!

This is a unique survival game from Kefir Company as they have managed to implement new features and add the realistic part to it.

Your character will get hungry, thirsty, and even injured as the time passes. The stress levels are very high as you have to be ready for several changing factors and keep your eyes on the climate changes, which is another whole story…

Weather will change from time to time, we are not speaking here about day and night, actually you will get to experience rains, which in turn will reduce your speed and make you prone to zombie attacks.

They have increase the survival levels to its maximum and the game will become unplayable at some point that is when you will consider spending your money into the market.

  • Remember that Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats will work as an alternative to in-app store and it will cover up all your spending.

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