LaTale W was created and published by “Nyou Inc.” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Prepare yourself for an upcoming great challenge, as you will be going through a very intensive world. The game contains over 300 pets waiting for you to tame them for your cause.

Do not forget about the importance of LaTale W cheats throughout your journey.

Get Started

In this LaTale W review, we will cover the most important parts of the game including the available classes inside.

The game is packed up with four different classes and each one is responsible for a certain set of skills and activities on the battlefield.

  • Warrior:

Warriors are melee battle specialists. They wield two-handed weapons based on their high HP and destructive power.

It can be upgraded to warlord, blader. Both have decent attack and defense. This class does not require many skills from you master it out, adding the LaTale W Hack to the equations and everything should look sharp.

Available Classes

On the previous segment, we have been talking mainly about the Warrior class and the time has come to move towards the next class we got here.

  • Knight

With great defense and balance d stats, these melee fighters are specialized in regular battles and easy to develop in the games early stages.

All the attributes are balanced; they are not shining any certain part. They can be upgraded to Templar and guardian.

  • Wizard

These damage dealers have low HP, but their high intelligence and mana enable them to launch strong attacks and skills.

Very high damage but can be taken off easily by most classes once caught in close range combat.

  • Explorers

These ranged attack specialists threaten enemies with quick, fatal attacks based on agility and luck.

Very balanced and good at taking out enemies before even reaching them. Can be upgraded with LaTale W Hack to something spectacular.


Once you pick up a class that will become your main character throughout the journey, you will have to choose a name that is short but catchy.

  • Now, let’s dive through the storyline details and explain to the beginners what the game foundation is based on.

The story is all about the dark history that your character is carrying inside. About a world that was invaded by demons and a kingdom that has fallen, your task is to recover what is lost and send out the demons back to the hell.

Completing such a task would be a problem to the most players, but you backed up with LaTale W Hack, you will be dominating the scenes.


How to Play?

Controls in the game are not a big deal; they are easy and can be fixed according to a certain plan.

Use the left button to move your character to the target you desire. Sometimes, you will face hills and you have to climb it, this could be done by jumping. In addition, if you faced any obstacles, and by obstacles, we meant lava lakes, you can jump and use the moving pad on the desired direction.

There will be checkpoints; they should be able to respawn your character right into the same place if you happened to die.

Improve Your Combat Powers With LaTale W Cheats!

The game is not all about running and jumping, there are more interesting battles are waiting for you ahead.

  • The right side of the screen is indicated for the attack technique. You can start attacking your opponent by tapping on the attack button.

As you progress in the game and advance up in the levels, there should be new skills added to your game. In addition, with the LaTale W cheats, you should be advancing in the levels up in no time and that shall make you one of the most feared players in the game world.

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