Searching for the Atlantis is a great journey that tons of people have been going through it recently and their main goal was to reach it successfully and bring back all the lost memories. It might be a shallow task but in depth, this is one of the most important goals the humanity has to focus on.

The challenges will come at you very fast and you must find the right pace to overcome them, with the Legacy of Atlantis cheats you will manage to get through these obstaclessuccessfully.

Legacy of Atlantis was created and published by “VALOFE CO., LTD” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through Android and IOS platforms accordingly.

When it comes to the graphics quality, we cannot speak any more about the depth of field and the reality levels of the show. It is very intense and you might need a high-end device to see it running smoothly as you are expecting. With an addition of the Legacy of Atlantis hack, you are achieving new levels of success as well.

Main Intro.

Moving into the gameplay phase at our Legacy of Atlantis guide, we will try to cover all the important points as much as possible and ignore any frustrating parts of the gameplay.

Reading this will help you as a new player to cover the basics and become fully aware of the nature of this game with a huge boost over the beginners as you no longer in need for any sort of tutorials.

Select A Male Of Female Hero!

Begin the journey by picking up the hero that will go with you through the different parts of the gameplay. In addition, there are only two heroes available either being a male or a female but the attributes and skills will vary.

Moving now into the most important Legacy of Atlantis tips list that will help you with picking up the right class. There are some classes which are very strong and unbalanced when they are compared with the regular available ones on the board so far and we are planning to make them clear for you.



Choose From Five Different Classes…

Five different weapons and each one has its own pros and cons. In addition, this is going to become our mail duty now to identify them for you.

Great sword: capable of great sword movement and solid defense. Can stand at the center of the battlefield without flattering.

Spear: Has great attack speed to annihilate the enemy uses the spear swiftly to end the battle.

AXE: swings a giant axe with great attack power. Can defeat multiple enemies with a single attack.

Longbow: uses swift movements to make fierce attacks stopping enemies before they even get close. Very solid at the ranged combats.

Staff: Defeats enemies with magic that has great destructive power also uses heavenly power to deal thunderbolts.

Create your own legacy!

These were the main attributes of each weapon and picking the ones that suits your style of play is the most ideal thing we have experienced so far. With the Legacy of Atlantis cheats, you will get your hands over some new gears and become even stronger.

However, for now, pick up a name that is very simple and easily recognized among the other players, as you are about to write down your own legacy!

Quick Tips.

Access various types of content with ease through the entire town map. Only a few knows about it this quick feature. You can also skip up the conversation scenes between the characters if you are not interested in learning more about the storyline of the game.

The language spoken in the game is Japanese, but the subtitles are coming in English and can be changed depending on your preference from the settings menu. You can also purchase items from the friendship shop with friendship points, which are easily obtainable via Legacy of Atlantis hack.

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