Create your team and prepare them for a very challenging environment. Gather heroes from all over the world and then the time will come to use in epic battles.

Try to find the right combination of heroes, which will bring the victory right at your hands. The Legends at War Cheats could help in this regard as well.

Do not forget to find your friends to join the challenge with you. Forming alliances and joining battles together is one of the most interesting. Exchange gifts and try to take care of each other…

Legends at War Is available to be downloaded from android And IOS stores. “Social Point” company created the game, they are well known for the intensitive games.

Welcome, mighty Summoner!

You have arrived just in time…you have been asleep for a long time, but worry not! Mica is going to become your guide in this journey. You are being threatened by a nearby castle. There is no time to think, the battle is about to begin at the early stages of the game.

Always remember to have the Legends at War Cheats ready, as the challenge level will start to get harder as the time moves on, so you need to be prepared for the competition…

The battle system is similar to many other games, so you are about to experience something extraordinary. Right now, we will jump to the battle system.

The Battle System in Depth.

As the battle begins in the tutorial phase, you will be able to select between several characters that you have. Each one will come with its own special abilities and you can select the special skills shown on the bottom side of the screen.

The Legends at War Hack will give you an access to supreme powers; it is the ideal solution to become one of the most feared players in this game in a very short period.

Once you select the attacking skill, you can tap on the opponent to unleash the attacking powers on him. This is a turn-based game, so you will only have the chance to attack the enemy for one time.

You can learn more about the technical side of the battle system down below.



Tips and Tricks.

By reaching this point of the review, you should be seeking more important points of the battle system and planning to achieve higher goals. Be wary of special attacks, these skills often have immense impact on the course of the battle!

The character Valis has powerful special attacks, spellbound detonation. It shall deal enough damage to demolish all your enemies at the battles. Also, try to keep your eyes on the opponent’s health bar to know exactly when they will give up on their defense.

Legends at War cheats is a critical item that you can use for advanced levels. In addition, do not forget to claim your rewards at the end of each battle.

Friendly UI.

The map overview will give you a look over the battle missions. You can select the preferred the mission from this point and it is very simple. You can also check the resources that you have gained on the top right corner.

Remember that Elixir will make your heroes stronger. Build an Elixir laboratory from the shop, Legends at War Hack could help in this regard. Since, building new departments will require from you to have enough gold. That is how the Legends at War Hack will help you.

Expand Your Territory…

Warehouses allow you to store even more resources. Keep building new departments and expanding your territory. Advance in the levels to unlock new features and enjoy the full potential of the game.

Do not forget to fill the warehouse with the ultimate goods following the Legends at War tips. In addition, we have to remind you that it is for free.

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