Now your time has come to become the hero of your own city! Start chasing down the evil and teach them a lesson they would never forget, and clean out the city streets by choosing to play with one of your favorite DC characters so far, and become the unforgettable hero. Get the LEGO DC Mighty Micros cheats as well to enhance up your performance at the game by adding multiple numbers of resources into your gaming account balance.

The game was created and released by “LEGO SYSTEM INC” and it can be downloaded for free without any extra charges even though the game has in game purchases enabled, and also the game can function properly on any Android or IOS device on the market due to the highly optimized software of the game.

Game Story.

The game is based around the racing mechanism more than any other previous LEGO game that was released in the past few years, you will enter your racing car with your favorite DC character and your goal is to chase down the villain of the city and destroy his car and arrest him, the missions will start to change and even though the tracks but the main goal will remain the same and that is simply the purpose and the target of the game, even though it might sound easy but wait until we get into the small details of the game at our LEGO DC Mighty Micros guide.

One of The Easiest Game Controls!

Let me give you a quick brief over the game controls and how to make the best out of them, you are simply given the steering wheel at the right bottom corner of the screen and it Is going to be your main directional option, as it will allow you to steer from one lane to another in a more dynamic way with some of the freedom control.

And on top left corner you shall be seeing the numbers of Batman attacking pieces’ counter as you will be able to eliminate the opponents target once you reach the minimum number of 7 attacks and also decrease the distance between you and him, also keep in mind that he will be also attacking you it is not a cat chasing a rat battle. He is a villain that will do anything to escape your chase and get you eliminated from the life, so read the article to benefit from LEGO DC Mighty Micros Tips.

Use The LEGO DC Mighty Micros Hack to Be Able to Upgrade Your Secret Liar.

Remember that after you take out the villain you will be receiving a report about the mission and all the casualties that took place there, also the number of resources that can allow you to purchase new heroes or even unlock new options and super powers to your cars! You can actually use the LEGO DC Mighty Micros hack as an alternative to the resources collecting through the races and focus more on taking the villain down.

Receive Random Gifts After Several Achievements.

Remember that the game would give you random gifts after completing several missions these gifts would come in a box form that would give you a super hero added to your pool, and remember that each one has the missions which are belonging to him and also the whole new story!

Create Your Own Mission.

The missioning system actually is very different here, as you can have the ability to control and construct your own mission and story by using the mission editor at your secret lair, remember that you can also upgrade it and improve every part of it so you would have much more options and features added to the liar, just make sure that you are collecting enough resources that would enable you to be able to afford the purchase of the upgrades in the secret liar, the LEGO DC Mighty Micros Cheats shall be helping a lot in such a thing.


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