Your dream is about to come true as you will be taking control over your first restaurant and will work on learning more recipes to cook and serve much higher number of customers as a whole. Start from the bottom and keep progressing and expanding your skill level to open more restaurants in all over the world.

The gameplay is advancing up in a very slow pace, and make sure that you are totally in control over the game components. The main problem you will be encountering is running out of lives and having to wait for long periods to regain your health and powers. Therefore, you might want to look over the Let’s Cook cheats.

Let us Cook was created and published by “Big Fish Games, Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The graphics quality is pretty much low following the same path any other puzzle matching game on the stores. This is allowing more players to play it and enjoy the great journey.

Meet Blaine Masters!

This is the final of let us cook! The winner will get a special prize. The loser goes home. The first round is about slicing…swap to match-3 eggplants and this is a very basic move that you will be doing at the beginning to get deeper into the gameplay.

In addition, the Let’s Cook guide will work on taking you from one point to another. Each successful matching process will be adding points to the top left corner of the screen. Starting with small numbers is only a very basic start!

Match-4 to create a knife “line” bonus…matching 5 points to create a cleaver bonus…make sure that your internet connection is enabled and you are active to keep the game up to date with the latest changes.

Swap twobonuses to combine their powers. This is the main part of the set of Let’s Cook tips we are going to illustrate for you during this preview. However, before we keep going deeper into the gameplay, we have to give you a quick look over the storyline of the game or the main idea behind it.



Gameplay in Depth.

The main gameplay is going around running your own restaurant and entering cooking challenges. Therefore, you are only dealing with different types of fruits and vegetables. The knife is the main weapon used to cut out these items.

In the second round, you are supposed to make matches around the onion to peel and remove it entirely. This is a very complicated mode and it will require a lot of attention from you. Matching a flambé bomb makes a blaze that clears the surrounding squares.

Flavoring is the reward that you will be receiving for winning the round.  In addition, in the upcoming round that tis considered to be round three now, your goal is to match over flour to find a tablecloth. The rating system is still following the three stars.

Drop the plate down past the arrows, and off the board. This is the main type of tasks you will be going through in the game. Smells magnificent! Use your salt to finish the ratatouille! Not only did you win the cooking show by reaching this stage, you have also won the jackpot.

I guess you have no idea about the jackpot and what is mainly about. You will inherit my “lets cook! Empire. You have your own restaurant now with a huge menu to build. Maybe you can get some extra help from Let’s Cookhack to expand the items listed there. Next, we will be teaching you how to make a proper menu.

Start Your Dream!

Enter a chef name so you would be known all over the world with once the success is achieved. Make sure that your name is simple and has no swearing words or special characters entered.

Consider using the Facebook to log into the game with, as it will allow you to enjoy several features to boost up the moment levels.

You can share and receive extra lives, coins and more through the Facebook login. The main feature here is the ability to save the game progression files. The connected cloud saving system is cool since you can start right from where you stopped and continue the journey right away. Also the coins you have received through the Let’s Cook cheats will be stored cloudy as well.

Travel the world and expand the restaurant chain you have and let the entire world taste your food and know what you are cooking skills are capable of to achieve.



Take Your Food To Every Corner.

Travel the world. First stop will be Italy! Collect enticing new recipes and traditional favorites. The Italy challenge will be going through several stages; each one is packing some new challenges and recipes to be cooked. Check the level goals before you enter it.

You may achieve your goals simply by using the Let’s Cook cheats, gather salt to be able to accomplish the goal and cook any dish.

In addition, to make this much easier, collect anything showing in this goal are at the top left corner. This is how the game works and the main target will be shown with a very small counter to let you know how close you are from achieving it finally.

At the advanced stages of the game, things will become much harder and give you some challenges to be accomplished. That is when you are going to need the Let’s Cookhack to stick to your side and flood your bank account with enormous amount of coins.

Advance up in the level to enjoy more features and items in the gameplay. Maybe the Let’s Cook cheats would play a very important role in this part.

Keep track of your progression rate.

After completing the level, there will be a detailed report on the total score and a list of the items you have unlocked in occasion of advancing up in level.

Do not forget to claim your rewards at the end of each mission. Even using the Let’s Cook hack make you in no need for these small rewards but still pretty much cool and could boost up your performance by a little.

Slice the food above the flour to complete the goal and blowing it away. The instructions will be shown at every level and letting you know what you are supposed to do to achieve your goals.

We have been enjoying the time we have spent on this game, as all of its small details were right on the point.In addition, we can recommend this game directly to you if you were a fan of the cooking games and more interested into puzzle matching games at the same time.

Swap the cleaver with any food to slice all food of the same type with one move. These are the techniques you need to put your hands on the Let’s Cook hack service to come over any obstacle and have unlimited lives.

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