Gigantic Open World MMORPG

Meet the companions of Land of Theia in Light of Aiaran, and investigate distinctive biomes and areas.

MMO Features

1. Change into “Radiant”

Change into a goliath lord of war and wreak devastation

2. Continuous Open Field Battles!

Continuous PVP with your companions

3. Investigate the Dungeons

Investigate 25 distinct cells with your friends

4. Crazy World Bosses

Join with others to crush destroying world supervisors

5. Manufacture Your Own Empire

Purchase and overhaul creation destinations everywhere throughout the region to acquire significant assets

6. One of a kind Character Customization!

Spruce up your characters with in vogue ensembles

7. Overhaul Your Gears and Get Ready for Battle!

Overhaul your things and vivid wings.

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