The game is about fighting the darkness and going through a very evil opponent that is actually eating the light and consuming it. Therefore, you are facing something different and the need for the Light a Way hack will be increasing as you move forward.

Your main mission is to get the light back to its normal place in the world and start helping the civilians and defeat the enemies. Begin the journey now!

Light a Way was created and released by “AppxploreSdnBhd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS devices.

A very colorful game that almost has everything you need in a game with the simplest set of graphics possible. Make sure you are using the Light a Way cheats to ensure that you are unlocking the full features of the game instantly.

Touch the screen to start!

The whole is covered in darkness, and you must react quickly and start lighting out your way to save the world once more from this darkness.

The red fairy is going to become your main assistant, and reading our Light a Way guide will be helping you to understand the game basics and become fully aware of the game principles.

She is a light from your heart; she will be leading the way with the flare. Following her around and knowing where to go exactly will save the time and effort that could be wasted into something useless.

Tap Quickly To Eliminate The Enemies.

There are not very hardcore visuals and controls are right on point. Tap on the screen and the character will start following and moving into the direction.

Remember that Umbras are the ones that have trapped the Feys and taken their light away! Keep tapping and you might have a chance to rescue the poor Fey. I guess you are now away of the main principle of the gameplay and ready to move for the advanced stage.

Follow our set of Light a Way tips carefully to keep yourself on a steady ground and dodging all the common mistakes that you could ever fall into.



Defeat All The Umbras!

Each light you will be saving will be rewarding you with a stardust. So keep fighting and try to save as many lights as possible to increase your stock of stardust.

The Light a Wayhack are a very reasonable way to increase your stock of stardust. It will be used to upgrade and improve your character attributes in general.

The flare must be on the top of your priority in order to become strong and make it more effective against the Umbras in the battle over rescuing the lights.

Spend The Stardust Wisely.

There are several types of fairies in the game. Each one of them is taking the specialization of a certain type of enemies to fight. They are recognized with their colors, so you are choosing the right color for the right stage you are fighting at.

Once you are done with destroying all the remaining enemies, then the final boss will be waiting for you at the end.

Bosses usually have much higher darkness points and will reward you with bigger rewards than the regular Umbras. Tap quickly and try to focus your powers on eliminating it as fast as possible.

Prepare Yourself For Bigger Challenges.

By the end of the boss fight, you should prepare yourself for the next challenge, as things will only start to get harder and harder.

The attributes you are going to invest the stardust on are the charge flare, Critical flare, and flicker chance. All of these attributes must become your main place to invest with the Light a Way cheats into.

Your level is playing a very important role in unlocking the new fairies, this might look to be a stranger move but it is necessary.

The Umbras will keep getting tougher, you should awake the blue and green fairy to reinforce your light.

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