The idea behind the game is a little bit complicated, as you do not get to use your heroes in a direct way. This is a shooting and matching game but in a very unique way. Wait until you play it and see how it looks like.

You must use the lightslinger Heroes cheats to have enough shards to expand your heroes pool.

Lightslinger Heroes was created and published by “Skyborne Games inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS devices for free.

Quick Intro.

We would be leaving all the unnecessary introductions behind our backs and head directly into the main gameplay components in this lightslinger Heroes guide, so stay Tuned!

First thing to do in the game so far is to customize your own hero collection and pick the heroes you would to see them in the battle.

Of course the hero picking phase is not that easy and you must put into consideration many factors that are affecting your overall powers in the battle. And that is what we will be talking in depth on the next segment to help the new players to pick up a perfect line up.

Prepare You Squad Before Each Battle.

Here are the main lightslinger Heroes tips you need to be following once you start picking up a battle team. First of all, your team will be consisting of 5 different heroes and two of them will be considered as leaders.

You must be asking about the attributes or the factors you should be doing your calculation based on. And we can simply tell you that each hero is having an information section that will show you the detailed report of it.

You must be picking the strongest heroes among the list you have as leaders and that is at the beginning so far. Next you will get to learn on upgrading the heroes and making them stronger.



Always Keep Your Heroes Upgraded with The Latest Gears Available.

Upgrading your heroes will come at a cost, so you must be using the lightslinger Heroes cheats to have enough funds in your bank account at the game.

You may also earn coins by completing missions and winning battles with high performance. These are alternative ways to increase the stock of coins at your account balance.

You can determine the strong heroes by tracking numbers shown right next to its card. So you can know the total heath points, and the attacking powers of course. At the bottom of each hero card you can find the total score points shown as well.

How to Afford Summoning New Heroes?

If you are planning to become unstoppable, the you must be looking forward to recruit new and stronger heroes for your cause. And of course you will need the lightslinger Heroes hack to be by your side throughout the different parts.

Enter the summoning section and you will be able to summon rare hero shards from there. You can choose from up to three different options at the summoning window.

Always try to match the same colored balls together so your heroes will be dealing damage to the enemy units. That is how the game is mainly working.

Summon New Heroes to Fight for Your Cause.

Each hero in the game is having the stars rating system. The more stars the hero has the stronger it will be in the battle. The basic ones are only having one-star rating and the rarest will come with 7 stars.

It is advised to enter the 10 heroes summoning section so you would have higher chances to unlock rare heroes. And since we do not worry much about the cost of shards or the summoning process due to the usage of lightslinger Heroes hack.

Then the 10 heroes at once is a much better option of course. And now you should know that you can always ask for assistance from your friends before you enter a battle. Pick up to one hero from your friends list heroes and make him join your battle.

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